Low Current System

Low Current System




From a single space to multiple facilities, from simple schedules to advanced energy management systems...our solution can be easily designed and tailored to address your lighting control needs. Remote Control system consists of modular components, which the user configures to his application's needs. The basic low-voltage wiring allows flexible switching of any lighting loads, grouping of lighting circuits for common control, providing a strong foundation for automation.


Another useful module is a highly scalable solution based on relay panels, field devices and software. Energy reduction schemes include simple switching, ON/OFF time schedules, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. It can be integrated with building management systems (BMS) and other smart applications.


SELVA system offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that old or new BMS are working at peak efficiency. We offer services designed to support you throughout the life cycle of your building. Bring your building into the future with a trusted advisor today. A wide range of industry-leading onsite and remote connected services to increase the performance, efficiency and reliability of your building and its systems.  


Access control from SELVA systems starts with a platform that can scale to the needs and ever-changing environment of your business. Our solutions range from entry-level to enterprise systems that provide the flexibility and performance you expect from a technology-driven security company. SELVA solutions which control access to restricted areas by using latest innovative technologies such as smart cards, fingerprints, Hand geometry, face recognition and many more.  


SELVA CCTV system offers high-end solutions in CCTV surveillance for the Financial, Transportation, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Government and Retail sectors. Our CCTV solutions provide governments, commercial organizations and industrial facilities with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets. They also deliver advanced applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve operations. Network monitoring services and continuing network analysis. 



Our Smart Home Automation and BMS System will make your lives more convenient and enjoyable. Just imagine the comfort of controlling the temperature, lighting, and even your TV without having to move around the house. Even when you are away from home, our smart system will help you keep track of what’s going on, which ensures your peace of mind. In the case of emergency (such as a fire), not only will a smart system alert you, but can also unlock doors and direct you to a safe spot. It can even call the fire department. All this especially benefits elders who are living alone. Likewise, people with disabilities or a limited range of movement also benefit immensely from Smart Home technology.


We offer the modern technology in Public Address System.  PA system is an electronic sound intensification and sharing system with the use of an amplifier, microphone and loud speakers which permit a person to address a large public, helps the groups to enjoy the get together gathering events and music concerts. Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, Government service center and small Company work places. PA systems with many speakers are widely used to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings and crowded places such as airports. Some PA systems allow the occupants to respond to the announcements with a microphone provided at the room


We provide services and solutions for maintenance and installation of IT equipment and networking hardware’s. We provide and fulfill all IT requirements of Dubai- UAE based companies, with entire perfection. List of our services includes : IT Infrastructure Setup, IT Service Support, IT AMC support, Telephone Systems, Bio-metric solutions, Network and Security Solutions, Web Solutions etc.. How we treat our clients has everything to do with the philosophy that is at the core of how we do business.


All of our automated vehicular gate barrier system options can be configured to work in many different scenarios and options depends on the requirement of specific clients. some of the technologies used in accessing the controlled and restricted areas through gate barrier are, smart Card Technology, biometric technology, remote opening, push buttons, long range RFID card reading technology.