Plumbing and Drainage Installation

Plumbing and Drainage Installation


  • Designing of Water supply system. 

  • Designing of Drainage system. 

  • Designing of sewage system.

  • Designing of Irrigation system.

  • Designing of Storm water system. 

  • Designing of Solar hot water system. 

  • Designing of LPG gas system. 

  • Designing of CNG gas system. 

Plumbing work:


Water supply system:

  • Installation of Hot and cold water pipe works.

  • Testing and commissioning.

Drainage System:

  • Installation of drainage system.

  • Installation of Sewerage system .

  • Installation of rain water system

  • Testing and commissioning.

LPG/CNG system:

  • Installation of gas line piping works

  • Testing and Commissioning.