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Engineering Design & Drafting

engineering design and drafting services

SELVA GROUPS Engineering Design & Drafting services provides all kind of MEP design services, drafting services, specification, tender documentation, shop drawing services, as built drawing, methods statement and all handing over documentation as required for project
during design stage and execution stage for all type of projects to clients with cost effective and top quality as per local & international standards, guide lines & codes.

Design of electromechanical systems will need expert view on proper and effective design techniques. We provide excellent electromechanical
design services in UAE. Type of buildings are residential, commercial, industrial, airport, villas, ware houses, multi-storey buildings, hospitals….

 Local & international standards, guide lines& codes are followed during design & shop drawing preparation as follows:                        


  • DU
  • DM
  • DEWA
  • Dubai Police
  • Green Building Regulations of DM / DEWA / EHS / TRAKHEES
  • SEWA
  • FEWA
  • Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) Regulations.
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • ESTIDAMA –Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) Requirements (Where applicable to the Electrical Services). NFPA Requirements.
  • Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Lighting Design Recommendation and Standards.
  • Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) Recommendations.
  • British Standards.
  • IEEE
  • NFPA
  • BSI
  • Institute of Plumbing
  • Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) Recommendations
MEP Design services

MEP Design services are

  • Concept design
  • Schematic design
  • Detailed design
  • Drafting services
  • Shop drawing
  • As built drawing
  • Handing over documentation

MEP Drafting services are



  • Mechanical drawing drafting
  • Electrical drawing drafting
  • Earthing system drafting
  • Lighting protection drafting
  • ELV drawing drafting
  • Firefighting drawing drafting
  • Fire alarm drafting
  • Emergency lighting drafting
  • Water supply drawing drafting
  • Drainage drawing drafting
MEP Drafting services

MEP Shop drawing services

  • Mechanical shop drawing
  • Electrical shop drawing
  • Earthing shop drawing
  • Lighting protection shop drawing
  • ELV drawing shop drawing
  • Firefighting shop drawing
  • Fire alarm shop drawing
  • Emergency lighting shop drawing
  • Water supply shop drawing
  • Drainage drawing shop drawing
MEP Shop drawing services

Electrical services

The electrical systems Design layout, Shop drawing layout and as built drawing are:

  • Substation room / RMU layout
  • LV room, Electrical room layout
  • Containment layout
  • Setting out plan
  • Lighting layout
  • Power layout
  • Cable routing layout
  • Earthing layout
  • Lightning protection layout
  • Typical installation Detail layout
  • Installation details layout
  • LV / HV Electrical single line diagram
  • Earthing Schematic diagram
  • Lightning protection Schematic diagram
  • Master clock layout and Schematic diagram
  • BMS layout and Schematic diagram
  • Lighting control layout and Schematic diagram
  • PA system layout and Schematic diagram
  • Telephone system layout and Schematic diagram
  • SMATV system layout and Schematic diagram
  • Fire alarm layout and Schematic diagram
  • Emergency light layout and Schematic diagram
  • MEP coordination layout
  • Load schedule
  • Lux level calculation
  • Light fixture schedule
  • Power load calculation
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Voltage drop calculation
  • Cable size calculation
  • Lightning protection calculation
  • Room size calculation
  • Load estimation

Electrical System Design And Drafting



Electrical system design and drafting is critical to keep it functional at times and avoid any harmful effects. Handling heavy duty electrical system needs professional advice and we are here the help design solid electric system design.


Lighting and lighting control system Design


The illumination levels throughout the areas of the building will be in accordance with the recommendations of the British CIBSE Lighting Code. The switching of lighting will generally be controlled by local switches.

Lighting and lighting control system Design
Earthing system Design

Earthing system Design


To build high rise buildings often needs some kind of earthing system to protect all the equipment used in the facility from power surges. We help in designing good earthing system for your facility..

Lightning protection system design 



High rise building often are the first target for lightning strikes. To protect the building from the lightning strike we need to design a lightning system. Our lightning design services are the best in Dubai.

Low Current System Design


Low current state design involves making use of low energy to run any equipment. The design of circuits in low power design is mandatory and needs regular maintenance to keep it functional at all times. We offer exceptional low current design services in Dubai.


Building Management System Design

A building management system takes care of essential maintenance services that needs to be taken care of as and when required or on a regular basis. We draft and design building management system to serve your facility.

Green Building Design

Using energy efficient building design is often needed to keep low energy system design practically possible. Our green building design services offers best energy efficient and green building.


Fire Alarm System Design


Fire detection system are key devices in a facility to prevent the facility fire at earlier stage. These systems need professional design services to keep them reliable. We are the best in fire alarm system design services in Dubai. 

Emergency Lighting System Design Are


               Self-contained battery system

               Central monitoring system

               Central battery syste


Mechanical Services


The mechanical systems Design layout, Shop drawing layout and as built drawing are:

  • HVAC Layout
  • Fire Fighting layout
  • Water Supply layout
  • Drainage layout
  • Thermal load calculation
  • CHW Pumps calculation
  • Fans calculation
  • Ventilation calculation
  • Air duct calculation
  • Heat exchanger calculation
  • Equipment schedule
  • Fire policy calculation
  • Stairwell pressurization
  • Water calculation
  • Drainage calculation
  • Water tank calculation
  • Septic tank calculation
  • Holding tank calculation
  • Swimming pool calculation
  • Sprinkler calculation
  • Smoke relief calculation
  • Water heater Calculation
  • Hot water calculation  

HVAC System Design


Air cooling ducts are most common in all facility that controls the flow of fresh air to and from the building. Maintaining all the duct systems functional equivalent s important and needs a professional design service provider. We are here to provide HVAC design services.


Mechanical Services


The mechanical systems Design layout, Shop drawing layout and as built drawing are:

  • HVAC Layout and calculation
  • Fire Fighting layout and calculation
  • Water Supply layout and calculation
  • Drainage layout and calculation
  • Thermal load calculation

Mechanical services

Firefighting System Design 


Typically, a firefighting system design involves keeping all fire alarm and firefighting equipment functional at all times. Our firefighting design services can your facility away from fire accidents.


Water Supply System


All cleaning activity that takes place inside a facility needs water as a primary source. Keeping the facility clean needs water supply and it is important to have a perfect water supply design service. We offer professional water supply system design services for your facility.


Drainage System Design


To keep every facility clean and free from human waste it is important to have a good design if drainage systems. It must be designed to handle all capacity of waste effectively. Our professional drainage system design services are cost effective in Dubai.

Landscaping Design


Do not just build, but keep it visually attractive, is the necessity for any facility management team. Designing the exterior area surrounding the facility is also important to give appealing looks. Our landscape design services can help you build a better landscape design.


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