Electromechanical Design

Innovative Electromechanical Design

Electromechanical Design

SELVA GROUPS,  MEP  Technology Design service provider all kinds of MEP designing services. Including , specification, tender documentation and shop drawing.

 Also Selva  services doing  as-built drawing, methods statement in addition to  handing over documentation as required for the project. We provide design drawings 

to the clients with cost-effective and top-quality as per local & international standards, guidelines & codes. However, electromechanical systems will need an expert 

view on proper and practical designing techniques. 


Our Design include all type of buildings is residential, commercial, industrial, airport, villas, warehouses, multi-story buildings, hospitals, etc. Therefore electromechanical systems will need an expert view on proper and practical designing techniques providing exceptional electromechanical Designing services  UAE.

Our Design Services Offered For

Supporting services to Consultant:

Accordingly, the Consultant is always outsourcing MEP design to manage the time frame of the project schedule. We will provide an Electromechanical design layout with 

all local authorities’ standards. Our Service strategies offer again a wide variety of service consulting for Support, eService. Additionally, it has helped industry-leading 

service and support operations enhance operational efficiency.  put it differently, and drive world-class performance levels while improving customer satisfaction and

 loyalty Electromechanical Drafting. Besides leveraging our enormous base of experience, a wealth of best practice resources, and the latest quality management 

techniques to provide you with high-value services and deliverables that will improve your business

Main Contractor:

To enumerate then Contractor Services Practice addition is committed to providing quality engineering services. But producing results that allow our clients to complete complex construction projects on time and under budget. After all, the value and importance of providing close, individual attention to each project cannot be understated.

Our team of engineers specializes in applying innovative, creative ideas and construction. To equally important expertise to produce designs based on safety, economics, aesthetics, and sound engineering practices. Although at this instant believe in focusing not only on structural integrity but also constructability and cost-efficiency.

But strive to incorporate materials our contractor clients have on hand, saving money and time.

Building Owner:

Additionally, besides the above services offered for Building owners. Whenever Support services are activities required to complete processes, programmer, or projects successful delivery to the building owner. Consultants and contractors are welcome to contact us to fulfill your design and drafting needs professionally.


Our design drawings are based on Local | International Standards | Guidelines 



  • DU
  • DM
  • Dubai Electricity water Authority
  • Dubai Police
  • Green Building Regulations of DM / DEWA / EHS / TRAKHEES
  • SEWA
  • FEWA
  • Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) Regulations.
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • ESTIDAMA –Pearl Buildings Rating System (PBRS) Requirements (Where applicable to the Electrical Services). NFPA Requirements.
  • Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Lighting Design Recommendation and Standards.
  • Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) 
  • British Standards.
  • IEEE
  • NFPA
  • BSI
  • Institute of Plumbing
  • Industry Committee for Emergency Lightings (ICEL) Recommendations

MEP Design 

  • Concept design
  • Schematic designs
  • Detailed service
  • Drafting services
  • Shop drawing
  • As built drawings
  • Handing over documentation
MEP Shop drawing services

MEP Shop drawing

  • Mechanical shop 
  • Electrical stores drawing
  • Earthing  drawings
  • Lighting protection 
  • ELV drawing shop 
  • Firefighting  diagram
  • Fire alarm  design
  • Emergency lighting shop 
  • Water supply store
  • Drainage drawing shops drawing

Electrical services

The electrical systems Design layout, Shop drawing layout and as built drawing are:

  • Substation room / RMU layout
  • LV , Electrical room 
  • Containment layouts
  • Setting out plan
  • Lighting
  • Power layout
  • Cable routing 
  • Earthing 
  • Lightning protection 
  • Typical installation Detail 
  • Installation details 
  • LV / HV Electrical single line
  • Earthing Schematic diagrams
  • Lightning protection Schematic drawing
  • Master clock layout 
  • BMS layout and Schematic
  • Lighting control 
  • PA system 
  • Telephone system 
  • SMATV system layout
  • Fire alarm layouts
  • Emergency light 
  • MEP coordination layout
  • Load schedule
  • Lux level calculations
  • Light fixture schedule
  • Power load calculational
  • Short circuit 
  • Voltage drop 
  • Cable size calculation
  • Lightning protection calculate
  • Room size 
  • Load estimation
Electrical services

 Lighting control system 


To demonstrate then in the hope that illumination levels throughout the areas of the building will be in accordance with the recommendations as well as MEP Engineering Design And Drafting. Lighting control methods then often again referred to beneath up to the present time the term Smart Lighting. Beginning comparatively present complete.

 But Home automation techniques include lighting management, blinds/curtain management, audiovisual techniques under those circumstances Electromechanical Design local weather control, safety, and surveillance all of which may be managed from a central gadget. This supplies the person with a totally holistic point of control, which provides maximum comfort and peace of mind. 

lighting control system design
Earthing system design

Earthing system 

Moreover too emphasis as building high-rise buildings often needs some kind of earthing system. To protect all the equipment used in the instead facility from power surges. Basically, help in designing a good earthing system for your facility. If then for this reason objects usually are not electrically protected they can kind circuit by way of along human physique creating an electrical shock that in fact, worst case can result in life-threatening accidents or death.


To achieve personal safety, becoming a member of electrically conductive objects to a typical reference point can be utilized. This is a dependable conductor with a cross-sectional area that is sized according to national standards and necessities to ensure electrical continuity between electrical conductive components of an electrical installation.

Lightning protection system design 

High rise building often are the to enumerate first target for lightning strikes. To protect occasionally the building from then lightning strike we need too design a lightning system. Electromechanical Engineering Design And Drafting Services Provider. with this intention our lightning design services the best in Dubai.

 As like These strikes could cause several varieties of again damages such as electrical shock, fire, explosion or failure to an electrical system. Then desk reveals the copper cross-sectional area per module size and to which current degree it has been tested. This is an instance of data that can be found within the technical specs. 

Lightning protection system design
Low Current System Design

Low Current System Design

Altogether a Low current state design involves making use of low energy to run any equipment. Likewise, the design of circuits in low power design is mandatory and needs regular maintenance to keep it functional at all times. then offer exceptional as low current design services in Dubai.


CCTV quantity of free cloud storage, as properly as month-to-month, annual, or lifetime subscription. CCTV techniques make it straightforward for property homeowners and managers to identify anyone who has dedicated a crime of their facility. Cameras additionally assist to catch and stop theft by staff, especially in retail and industrial settings. 


That uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single. integrated cable signal for distribution to a cabling network. In other words, with a SMATV system, you can become your own in-house cable company.

3. Telephone

To begin your source for superior telephone systems & communications solutions at very aggressive costs. From additions to new installs, voicemail, audio conferencing, name auto-attendant, telephone accounting, and wi-fi, we do all of it. We take nice delight in our phone system installation, testing and certification procedures for Phone Cabling. 

4.Acess control system

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there. The deadbolt lock, along with its matching brass key, was the gold standard of access control for many years; however, modern business system.

Building Management System Design

A building management system takes care of essential part of  maintenance services that constructing management system. Controls and displays the chilled water, important to realize fresh air-handling units, provide air temperatures, and fan coil units. The car park air flow system is also controlled and monitored by the building management system through carbon monoxide detectors. which may also alarm if high ranges of the gasoline are detected.


 A constructing management system is an digital community used to monitor and management a building’s electrical and mechanical services, including heating, ventilation and air-con , and lighting. needs to be under those circumstances taken care of as and when required or on a regular basis. We draft and design building management system to serve your facility.

Building Management System Design

Fire Alarm System Design

To enumerate Fire detection systems are key devices in a facility to prevent the facility fire at an earlier stage. Basically, Point is often overlooked. 

The major function of a fire alarm is to alert the occupants of a building to the presence of a fireplace. For instance, the system can be designed to simultaneously alert the fireplace department via a direct or relayed sign the place a fast response by the fire division is important. 


In addition,  You will discover all the information you want on this guide as it is a good fireplace security information designed for you. uniquely Provide the very best service and guard the life and property of our clients in probably the most price-efficient method. systems need professional design services to keep them reliable. are the best in fire alarm system design services in Dubai.

Fire Alarm System Design

Emergency Lighting System Design 

The design considerations for emergency lighting systems.           

  1.                Self-contained battery system
  2.                Central monitoring system
  3.                Central battery system
Emergency Lighting System Design
HVAC System Design

HVAC System Design


Although the Air cooling ducts are most common in all facility that controls the flow of fresh air to and from the building. Electromechanical Design Maintaining all the duct systems Even though are functional equivalent s important and needs a professional  design service provider. We are here to provide HVAC design services.

Certainly Poor performance of chiller items because of growing older can be solved by way of alternative service. 

Whereas Designing an HVAC system could be very essential while putting in them on a constructing. Then capability of system bought to match exact load necessities for each room in the constructing. Industrial and environmental inspection, vendor inspection, technical assistance, non-destructive testing and technical staffing for all sort of industries.

HVAC Duct Layout

Although Most critical mechanical parts that we have to pay specific attention to  duct, air flow techniques, and air-con units. 


Then Electromechanical HVAC system failure to accurately keep these can lead to issues within essence the supply of air and an absence of recent air being distributed within the client’s facility. 

This is why it is essential to have a reliable and experienced HVAC duct designer to design healthily.

The mechanical systems Design layout, Shop drawing layout, and as-built drawing are:

  • HVAC Layout and calculation
  • Thermal load calculation
HVAC Layout
Firefighting System Design

Firefighting System Design 

Consequently a begin the Typically, a firefighting system design involves keeping all fire alarm and firefighting equipment functional at all times. Electromechanical Drainage. most compelling evidence all things considered firefighting design services can your facility away from fire accidents.

Fire protection requirements may be written by unbiased organizations, insurance coverage associations or government authorities to reduce the likelihood and results of fires. But  Fire sprinkler systems use water to suppress, and in best case situation to extinguish, fires in buildings. Piped systems are used to distribute the media throughout the building to wherever the fire is present. Water is relatively cheap and sometimes available in sufficient amounts, and really helpful to extinguish fireplace.

Water Supply System

For this purpose, all activity that takes place inside a facility needs water as a primary source. But  Keeping the facility needs a water supply and it is important to have a perfect water supply design service.

 Selva, Electromechanical Engineering Design And Drafting Services Provider. Hence offer professional water supply system design services for your facility.

selva might goal at increasing the efficiency of water and electricity consumption in effect as well developing isolated networks, micro-grids, and distributed.  generation to emphasize the benefits of applied sciences connected to different farms.

 Henceforth The sustainable use of water and its effective safety is important for the well-being of our society and the environment. Keeping this in thoughts, in like manner. we’re constantly working to enhance Because our options and problem ourselves are anew with every project.  As a company, we assume then responsibility by also committing ourselves to the engineering index.

Water Supply System
Drainage system design


Drainage System Design

Furthermore Our group works too keep away from any circumstances that may arise due to broken down or unkempt drains. All things considered  proper despite drainage system is required to sustain then well-being of your time to time surroundings. Although a Electromechanical Design Plumbing and Drainage Designing is a major area in constructing design systems.

Too keep every facility clean and free from human waste it is most important to have a good design as If drainage systems. It must be designed to handle all capacity of waste effectively. Our professional drainage system design services are cost effective in Dubai.


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