Pest Control and Sanitization Services

Certified Pest Control Sanitization Services

Selva Groups provide professional Pest control and Sanitization Services. For homes, offices, and warehouses in Dubai using Dubai municipality-approved chemicals and German-made, the latest technology. Pest control and Disinfection | Sanitization are chemicals that can kill 99.99% as a result in of bacteria in 30 seconds while disinfectant. This products that can destroy all organisms in 10 minutes. 

Suppose you wish to acquire a virus or bacteria-free property. Especially now that the pandemic battled  you need to receive the best Sanitization and Disinfection Services as soon as possible. Pest control and Sanitization services is a process that lessens and even kills germs on surface them safe for contact. Disinfecting requires a much stronger chemical to destroy all the germs.

Advantage of several disinfecting methods 

In houses or workplaces especially now in the meantime that there is a health crisis at hand. Most people, if not everybody, want to obtain a much healthier lifestyle. However, to ensure your homes are germ-free and safe, you can always count on Sanitization and Disinfection Services from Selva Group.

Book your residential and corporate Sanitization and Disinfection Services with confidence, and we assure you the best price with quality services.

Disinfection services


Additionally, disinfection service is an integral part of any facility management service. which keeps the workplace clean and free from any bugs or insects. A typical workplace often has besides various components, including IT components, furnishings, wiring, and other critical components, to protect from any infections from pests.

 Regular maintenance of the facility from pests is an important task that needs to be functional at all times. Using Disinfection services makes it possible to keep the workplace free from infections from problems and protects all office equipment and furniture users from getting infections. 

The integrated air drying and recoiling methods provide assured hygiene pleasant indoor local weather. This cleansing and disinfection appliance options a built-in, chrome steel slop sink, making it an ideal small combined care unit. It measures simply making it a space-saving set up which can easily slot in with the existing gear in your utility room



Keeping although a  facility clean at all times is the ultimate aim of any facility management service. In but that view, people often use all places in a facility. In addition, there is the continuous movement of people around the building. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the area sanitized and clean, and free from any infection possibilities to prevent infection from one to another or any infected equipment; It is also essential to keep away from human contact or daily equipment usage.

Eco-friendly Sanitization Chemical

Selva cleaning uses eco-friendly chemicals imported from Belgium. It ensures high-performance sanitization in your facility. It is a unique biodegradable disinfectant that meets the highest EN disinfection standards for bactericides, fungicides, and virucidal. This powerful and high-quality disinfectant is stable and broadly applicable. A unique biodegradable disinfectant meets the highest EN disinfection standards for bactericides, fungicides, and virucidal. This powerful and high-quality disinfectant is stable and broadly applicable. It has recommended homes, offices, and gardening areas where human access is available.

Municipality Approved Chemicals

We use been approved by the municipality and recommended use all over the UAE.


DM Approved Sanitization | Disinfection Company

SELVA Cleaning and Sanitization service to assist people get their houses and workplaces disinfected and sanitized correctly. Even because the governing our bodies carry the restrictions, the waves of different viruses infections are expected to continue as people are obtainable in contact with others. In such a situation it is vital to avail a trusted sanitization and disinfection service Dubai to disinfect and sanitize your residential and commercial spaces.

Health & Safety Approved List

Kills ninety nine.999% bacteria, viruses, germs and different pathogens. All surfaces are first cleaned to take away any mud particles. Our professionals convey all essential supplies and tools required to sanitize and disinfect your premises

Powerful Fogging Machine

Selva cleaning uses a high-performance, high-pressure fogging machine for better sanitization for your facility. It can reach up to an 8-meter distance to cover cleaning also.

It will help to sanitize everywhere in the facility The integrated air drying and cooling, methods provide assured hygiene and a pleasant.

Car Sanitization

Selva Groups provides all over the UAE there is no power supply available. So we use Battery operated Sanitization machine to serve better since car sanitization has highly recommended nowadays as it helps the healthier life of everyone.

Please book an appointment for car sanitization


water tank disinfection

Keeping a facility clean at all times is the ultimate aim of any facility management service. In that view, all places in a facility often used by people. There is the continuous movement of people around the building. 

It is necessary to keep the area sanitized and clean and free from any infection possibilities to prevent infection from one to another or from any infected equipment; It is also essential to keep away from human contact or daily equipment usage. Peristaltic pumps usually are not affected by the liquid crystallization thus offering distinctive longevity. 

Ensure your health and wellbeing by getting the medical strength disinfection and sanitization accomplished by us. Eliminate all of the Allergens, micro organism, virus, human coronavirus, germs in your home or workplace with  Disinfection.


pest control services

Simultaneously, Pests are unavoidable in any facility. They’re after that managed to the maximum possible level, further, not at any human interaction areas. Pests often prey on common human waste and food waste, and controlling pests from this waste is a regular task for any facility management team. A pest control service makes it possible to keep the facility free from pests contaminating office equipment or damaging them. Rodents are the most common in any facility.

They need regular monitoring to keep them away from damaging any wiring or office equipment, and pest control service reduces and prevents damages from pests. Another will make it more challenging for any surface to be a bunch to the virus. So it’s additional, long-term safety that will complement your daily efforts. Like possibly your automotive keys, which are extra exposed than anything else.

gel pest control

Gel Pest Control Services

By eliminating probably hiding areas, cockroaches shall discover a new place to stay. Cockroaches in the open will be more accessible to spot and more likely to come through pesticides and baits. 

The cockroach management process is Removing food sources for cockroaches. Sanitizing your kitchen and different areas is necessary to have a cockroach-free house. Sugar and flour will entice the cockroaches, while the boric acid will kill them.


Cockroaches ingest the insecticide and return to their nests, where they die. Other cockroaches eat them, spreading the poison to the rest of the nest. Put chemical baits close to Litter bins and beneath sinks and cabinets in kitchens and bogs. There is nothing worse than seeing the scuttling legs of cockroaches on your countertops, cabinets, or ground. These insects can contaminate your meals, transmit dangerous microorganisms. So we turned to an entomologist and pesticide applicator to search out the quickest and handiest method to control cockroaches.

mouse pest control

Mouse Pest Control Services

In addition to tainted meals and illness, the pests also gnaw on wiring in partitions and home equipment, resulting in costly repairs and even fires. Rattus, generally called black rats, are barely smaller than Norway rats. However, unlike Norway rats, their tails are longer than their heads, and our bodies are mixed. 


So if you discover feces in the kitchen, especially underneath the sink or within the pantry, you’re coping with a mouse. If you carefully inspect the droppings, you’ll find the mouse leaves small ones and formed like a spindle, t black colored at first and after a few days turn into gray and uninteresting.


Flies control can use insecticide liquid, insecticide dust, Fly Traps, Fogging materials, fly bits, and Fly Electronic killer. Saver sort of flies like Home Flies, Blowflies, Fruit flies across UAE. Caulk or wire mesh is more intricate for rodents to chew via, so select them wherever potential.

termite pest control

Termite Pest Control Services

We Are Professional Pest Management Service Company And Proving Pest Management Services To Variety Of Consumer Either Residential Or Industrial Shoppers. If You Want To E-Book A Therapy For Particular Pests Like Cockroaches, Mattress Bugs, And Ants, The Value Of Pest Management Providers Shall Be Lower Than Different Competitors. 

The Very First Step To Termite Treatment Dubai Or To Eliminate Them Is To Detect The Indicators Of Termite. This Could Be Easily Detected When You Spot Any Kind Of Mud-Like Materials Showing On Wood, Sawdust And Paint Bubbles.

 If Not Controlled In Time, These Termites Would Possibly Trigger A Significant Injury To The Structure.  Pest control and Sanitization services However, We As An Expert Dubai Pest Management Firm Can Definitely Allow You To With Our Prevention And Extermination Methods To Maintain Your Property Safe From The Termites.

bed bugs pest control

Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Additionally, make sure all house doorways and water sources are dry after use.
A cockroach eradication interaction may change from one organization to a pest control and sanitization services different one. 


Salmonella and various suppers poisonings are by and large credited to bug pervasions. Nevertheless, we have the commitment and information to shield your home from undesirable irritations. The improvement season of a smoky, earthy-colored cockroach depends on the ecological conditions.

cockroach pest control

Cockroach Pest Control Services

Selva Group, we are cheerful and appreciate your great exhibition. Clients can examine their records, pay their installments, and substantially more. Irritation Removal Conditions is the treatment to understand the higher hand over any bug.
Because of their speedy digestion, bugs disappear numerous droppings around the spot they stay or potentially cover.


 Thus, cockroaches are infamous for being exceptionally unsanitary. They eat up everything from pores and skin cells to defecation and are perceived to spread illness and various other infections. In addition, insects have been triggering asthma and heaps of multiple diseases


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