Nitrile Gloves


Selva Groups Manufacturers and  Distributors for Nitrile Industrial Gloves in UAE. Our Manufacturing Plant has located in India, Chennai.

  • SELVA Group has a strong foundation on Quality and Right First Time principles
  • CE Certification
  • Certified ISO 13485:2003 Standards
  • USFDA 510k for its products
  • Audited by USFDA during Dec 2012 and successful
  • Having manufacturing facility at MEPZ SEZ(Special Economic Zone), in Chennai India
  • SELVA Group is run by professionals who head the Quality & Operations.
  • As a Medical device manufacturers team of Professionally Qualified / Experienced Heads are empowered to do their role.
  •  Well trained team with  expertise in Process Validation , Process Control, Continuous improvements.
  •  5S and other Quality tools are consistently followed.

13 Inch Nitrile Flock Line Gloves

13 Inch Nitrile Flock Line Gloves1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-13 Inch Nitrile Flock Line Gloves2

“Nitrile Unlined Powder Free Industrial Gloves Features”

  • High-performance Nitrile (Premium Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber) compound provides an outstanding chemical resistance and strength combination. 
  • Offers superior snag, puncture, and abrasion protection over rubber or neoprene gloves.
  • High levels of flexibility, comfort, and dexterity.
  • Won’t swell, weaken or degrade, and does not promote contact dermatitis.
  • The Raised Diamond pattern palm and fingers for better-sustained grip in wet and oily environments.
  • Silicone,  Wax, and Protein Free.
  • Handling Food Products
  • Cotton flock-lining offers added comfort and better absorption of perspiration
  • Reusable and waterproof

18 Inch Long Nitrile Unlined Gloves – 22 mil

Industrial Nitrile Gloves-18-Inch-Nitrile-Flock-Line-Gloves

Testing  / Printing

  • 100%  Air leak testing
  • Well trained operator used for inspections
  • Gloves printing as per the requirement

Ceramic Former

  • High quality  Ceramic  Former imported from Malaysia
  • Raised Diamond  Pattern
  • Mild texture Finish  
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Ceramic Former1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Ceramic Former2



  • Specialized  batch  Dipping  Machine with Industrial gloves manufacturing
  • Automatic Dipping  & Tilting with PLC Controller
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Dipping1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Dipping2


For Handling Pesticides & Chemical


Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Handling Pesticides & Chemical1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Handling Pesticides & Chemical2

For Housekeeping Services


Industrial Nitrile Gloves- Housekeeping Services 1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Housekeeping Services 3

For Spray Painting


Spray paint1
Spray paint2

For Automotive, Assembly, Machine & Aircraft Maintenance


For Automotive, Assembly, Machine & Aircraft Maintenance1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves- Automotive, Assembly, Machine & Aircraft Maintenance2

For Oil Refining


Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Oil Refining1
Industrial Nitrile Gloves

For Food Processing

Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Food processing2
Industrial Nitrile Gloves-Food processing1

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