Maintenance Services

High Tech Maintenance Services

In additionally, When it comes to managing and running a facility, there are a lot of things. That are critical in ensuring that your facility runs but the same way being that Maintenance. Is one of the most critical part and we at take care of preventive maintenance services and Facility Repair work. At your facility such that 

your facility operates with utmost efficiency and delivers its standards on time.

Being the best AMC Providing Company is our specialty

But afterwards Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that will help you in making sure that your company. Doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance although 

that happens within your facility throughout the year. There are a lot of technical advancement technologies that Selva Groups implements in then AMC’s. 

To make sure that your facility runs like a smooth engine without any hiccups. Carpentry Maintenance with a wide range of services to choose from,

 Selva Groups ensure that you are provided with the best AMC services in Dubai. 

The Best A/C Maintenance services

Accordingly, HVAC Repair work in any facility needs to be done with proper professionals and machinery to ensure that they last long. Other HVAC appliances being costly when bought must be adequately maintained to ensure that your facility does not have to invest a lot more money in replacing them. 

With HVAC AMC services from Selva Groups, all your HVAC equipment and line are in safe and professional hands who will be maintaining it with utmost care to ensure long life.

Choose the Best Electric Upkeep Engineer 

Although a Electrical Maintenance is very at length  crucial as it covers up nearly 40% of your operational charges in your facility. 

To make sure that it is properly maintained, there has to beginning a regular electrical maintenance engineers

 round the clock to ensure that they are properly maintained.


With services that include from load maintenance, fixing of faulty lines and any problem that is related to electrical maintenance. 

The expert work professionals will ensure that they do not stop the work.

Mechanical Maintenance

After all that Starting from maintenance of motors and pumps, our expert team will ensure. That you do not have to replace your 

electro-mechanical equipment frequently due too wear and tear. 

With leading services in the Electro-Mechanical domain, your facility does not have to incur regular replacement expenditure. 

Selva Groups are the leading experts in dealing in the domain for more than 10 years giving you the leverage of choosing us

 for your AMC services in Dubai.

Plumbing Maintenance

Although Water is a important commodity to any facility and we at most intention at time. Selva Groups make sure that it reaches all parts of your facility on time every time with our expert plumbing team.


who work round the clock and offer your facility with the best plumbing work. to ensure that your facility does not go dry.

Carpentry Maintenance 

Besides a Carpentry Maintenance is one of the most crucial aspect for any facility. To ensure that the processes run on time and your team at your facility. Is provided with the best of the best furniture to ensure that they will be able to work with utmost comfort. 


The Carpentry team at Selva Groups will ensure that your carpentry is maintained properly. The carpentry maintenance aspect definitely ensures that do not have to involve much of the expenses into the facility management.


Home Maintenance in Dubai | Sharjah | Ajman

House keeping maintenance is definitely important to make sure that your facility is properly maintained with a proper housekeeping team. There are a lot of developments that you would see when it comes to house keeping with Selva Star. Perfectly groomed and uniformed professionals will be available round housekeeping and maintain  reputation of your facility to the outside world.

The best Swimming Pool Upkeep 

A decorated office spaces is always a dream for any employee to work in and enjoy a pleasant looking ambience. We also do some good stuffs like decorative our walls with creative color arts. That gives an ultimate pleasure to the mind and eyes as we see them. 


All these pleasant experience is only possible through Painting services. which gives your creative thought a touch of the color they want in the physical space of your choice like walls, ceilings etc. Avail a professional painting service provider to make your next creative workspace wall paintings atmosphere more pleasant than ever.

Swimming pool maintenance

Painting Works

A decorated office spaces is always a dream for any employee to work in and enjoy a pleasant. Looking ambience. We also do some good stuffs like decorative our walls with creative color arts.  That give an ultimate pleasure to the mind and eyes as we see them. 

All these pleasant experience is only possible through Painting services. which gives your creative thought a touch of the color they want in the physical space of your choice like walls, ceilings etc. Avail a professional painting service provider to make your next creative workspace. wall paintings or to make your living atmosphere more pleasant than ever.

Water Supply Maintenance 

Water supply maintenance is an important part of any building maintenance services. We at Selva Groups provide a complete water supply system maintenance at an affordable cost and effective service offerings

Drainage Maintenance

Drainage Maintenance

Keeping all the drainage systems clean and clear is important for any facility maintenance service. Be it cleaning or maintaining drainage, we provide complete service for all drainage maintenance needs.

General Maintenance

The general maintenance service involves providing a complete Repair work, including services for water system, drainage system, HVAC etc. It gives you a package for Repair work covering all necessary services required to keep your facility running all the time

General Maintenance
Lift maintenance

Lift Maintenance

Elevators are important equipment in any high too medium rise buildings, to give for the people access to all the floors. It is often then most used equipment that also needs regular Repair work to keep your work force commute on it all the time. We provide professional lift Repair work for all major brands in Dubai.

Civil Maintenance 

Buildings need often maintenance on a regular basis as they wear easily on due to day-to-day usage. It is recommended too have a civil maintenance team that maintains the concrete structures from wear. Our professional civil Repair work provide excellent building maintenance at all times

Civil Maintenance
Masonry Maintenance

Masonry Maintenance

Mortar and brick structures are an integral part of any building structure which needs regular monitoring to keep them in shape all-round the year. We offer best in class Masonry maintenance services for all building types, and also at affordable cost in Dubai.

CCTV Maintenance 

Installing CCTV at all public and private places helps to improve surveillance and keep all place safe and secure. To keep all these camera systems working all the time it is necessary to have a professional CCTV Repair work provider. We offer professional CCTV Repair work for all leading brands at an affordable cost.

MEP Contracting Company -Low current System contracting
GATE BARRIER Maintenance

GATE BARRIER Maintenance 

Gate Barrier are often prone to damage from hit by any vehicle that pass them. It is very much important to keep them replaced and functional all the time to keep control of the parking spaces. We do Gate Barrier Maintenance and keep them replaced or repaired as and when it is hit and broken.

Lighting Maintenance 

 Lighting is an integral part of any facility and it is important to keep the building bright and visible during low light. Above all, it is used as a decorative thing to give artistic effect to any building. Every high rise to medium buildings use lighting which needs professional Repair work. We provide professional lighting Repair work to all our leading brands in Dubai.

Lighting Maintenance
FIRE ALARM Maintenance

FIRE ALARM Maintenance

 Emergency alarm is a crucial device that needs to be functional at all times, and it is often needs regular professional Repair work. Dry run tests need to be done to check the response of the system in case of fire. We do dry run and fire alarm maintenance tests professionally at affordable cost in Dubai.


Fire fighters are the valuable resources to keep the firefighting team working during emergency situation. To train and equip them with tricks to handle the fire during an emergency it is important to educate them by training them regularly. We train and equip firefighters to keep them update with smart firefighting Repair work services.

Earthing Maintenance

Earthing Maintenance


Too construct any building, it is important to have a team of workers and earth moving equipment, to carry out work at any construction site. Using a professional Earthing maintenance is very important to keep equipment ready for work during any construction. We provide complete earthing maintenance service to all types of construction sites.

Lightning Protection Maintenance

High rise buildings are then state of art buildings that speak about the power of engineering innovation. Besides its magnificent tall structure and extra ordinary architecture, its needs protection from lightning strike, and these lighting protection systems must be maintained regularly.

Lightning Protection Maintenance
24/7 Emergency maintenance services

24/7 Emergency maintenance services

Further Although having separate emergency Repair work for each type of emergency is good, it necessary to maintain all these services functional at all times. The 24/7 emergency Repair work services help to keep the Repair work functional round the clock. Our Repair work will keep emergency maintenance available 24/7



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