Facility Management

Facility Management

To enumerate things facilities following need to run in the background to make sure that your  although a matter of fact operate efficiently and adequately. After that works needs to ensure that your  runs in that particular way, and many technical entities get covered. facility management a culmination of various elements that need too be correctly synced besides. Addition couple with each other to ensure that your another runs properly without any issues. Since  Selva Groups with experience of more than 15 years of service in the facility management have the best crew in Dubai to manage your  with all the proper infrastructure .

sometimes ensure provide services starting from Soft services and Hard services under management to ensure that your operates round the clock like a well-oiled machine .

Therefore most important even after all things need to run behind the scenes to ensure that your office works appropriately and effectively. There is but  plenty of things that you need to make a point of to guarantee that because  moreover ,your office runs in that in the meantime specific manner. But there are a ton of specialized substances that gets covered. as well as administration of an office is a summit of different consequently  components that should be appropriately adjusted with one another to guarantee that your office runs properly with no issues. 

Selva Groups, further with an encounter of over 15 years of administration in the office the board space earlier ,at this instant in a moment although  the best team in Dubai to deal with your office with all the legitimate framework.


Accordingly Soft services similarly Building Facility management, waste management, Carparking Management, Risk Management even though  and Supports, Security management, Therefore, Annual Maintenance contract, Gardening and arranging, Security services, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Pest control &Disinfection services under those circumstances in effect of soft services.



Accordingly, Hard Services specialists talented and appropriately furnished with at the same time advanced skills the ability. Hard Services consequently devices for all MEP and HVAC Maintenance occupations. Hard Services Additionally, we consider giving the best quality in assistance and proficiency consistently. basically Ensure your association   standout amongst another shape. although with a resource above all circumstance review performing after all things consequently endeavor because he since  directly affect the safety and welfare of employees and visitors, begin as such besides required by law. In other words, you must have hard FM services; they’re non-negotiable. Hard services ones which relate to the physical fabric of the building and cannot  removed. They ensure the safety and welfare of employees and generally are required by law.

Hence Selva Group a basically  all sorts of maintenance organizations in the UAE services

  • Electrical support
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Drainage Maintenance
  • A/C Maintenance
  • Window A/C support
  • Split A/C 
  • Package A/C unit
  • VRF works
  • Air cooled chiller
  • Water-cooled chiller 
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Civil support
  • Painting works

Understanding the functions of facilities management

The universal nature of facilities management can make it hard to truly nail down the scope of work it is responsible for. To besides make this more digestible, we’ve divided it up into 5 overarching categories:

  1. Maintaining & optimising facilities
  2. Streamlining processes
  3. Supporting people
  4. Managing projects
  5. Integrating technology

1. Maintaining & optimising facilities

First, the name would suggest, a core function of facilities but ensuring these facilities remain in an optimal condition at all times. enumerate encompass everything from regular cleaning and decoration of the workplace to provide the best possible environment to staff, occupants, customers most important too carrying out both routine maintenance and reactive repairs throughout the facilities. Besides requires up-to-date and accurate classifications of the various assets throughout the facilities. 


  • Any spills, blockages and similar incidents  immediately reported, priority and responded to in order to protect health and safety and present a welcoming environment
  • after all inefficiencies with assets  quickly identified and responded to, in order to reduce any drain on costs this would cause

2. Establishing & streamlining processes

accordingly introducing processes into a day-to-day working environment, FMs help make days more efficient and more predictable for everyone involved. This FM function  built around adding order in a potentially chaotic workplace environment, and setting expectations for employees about  in certain situations.

Processes that FM professionals can introduce and uphold in the workplace may include:

  • Work order requests
  • Employee sign-in/sign-out of work
  • Task management
  • Meeting reservations
  • Checking in guests/visitors
  • Portering management
  • Stock control
  • Mailroom practices

3. Supporting people

The core role and responsibilities of a facilities manager but to create an accommodating work environment for all employees. When people  comfortable while they work, they  happier a stronger bonds to their company,  more productive.

Conversely, a poor workplace environment will frustrate employees and inhibit their performance, as well as potentially negatively your ability to recruit and retain staff long-term.

More and more FMs are recognising this responsibility and looking at innovative ways to differentiate their environment and simultaneously contribute to the culture of the company. It is about improving the whole ‘customer experience’, from when an employee walks through the door in the morning to their departure at night.

As  making employees happy, FM services should also work to empower employees and help them take control of their own daily objectives. 

4. Managing projects

Overseeing budgets and making sure deliverables are achieved by deadlines is a critical function for FMs to keep a handle on. Be it a one-off, short-term development or a project that will extend for many years, FM professionals will be responsible for ensuring that these stay within budget and that every task is completed and noted.

Another key aspect of project management is overseeing the work of contractors and subcontractors brought in to support the project through to completion. Ensuring that these groups are on-site, have the correct permits and certifications, and are accurately tracking their times is vital for overall cost management.

Through a tool like FSI’s Contractor Portal, this helps FM professionals fulfil responsibilities such as:

  • Giving contractors all the information they need to do their job effectively
  • Keeping a contractor database up-to-date and well-administered
  • Ensuring that security and safety protocols are consistently met
  • Receiving product updates and checking that tasks have been signed-off once fulfilled

5. Integrating technology

Finally, the fifth function of facilities management for this article is the implementation of technology within the organisation and how it is integrated into established infrastructures.

besides  an increasingly important aspect of an FM professional’s role in recent years, especially through the evolution of CAFM/IWMS solutions like Concept Evolution, with the capacity to influence all objectives of facilities management. While it will typically be an IT responsibility to implement any new technology itself, FMs  the first and last word on how it is selected and employed.


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