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There are a lot of things that needs to run in the background to make sure that your facility operates properly and efficiently. There are a lot of things that you need to make sure to ensure that your facility runs in that particular way and there are a lot of technical entities that gets covered. The management of a facility is a culmination of various elements that need to be properly synced with each other to ensure that your facility runs properly without any issues. Selva Groups with an experience of more than 10 years of service in the facility management domain have the best crew in Dubai to manage your facility with all the proper infrastructure. We provide a range of services starting from security services to carpentry services under facility management to ensure that your facility operates round the clock like a well-oiled machine.



Security is a high priority aspect to any facility irrespective of the type of industry that your facility comes under. Security services are also essential by the law in many countries especially in UAE for facilities that are housing products and workers. Selva Groups with a strategical experience in dealing with security for more than ten years, can plan out the best security service for your facility according to its requirements. With staff who are properly trained and uniformed, the security of your facility is the last thing that should be a point of concern in your mind with us.

The security service will cover security starting from Residential security to event security and any other type of security that you can expect. The security force will be equipped with all the requirements that you need to make sure that you are under the service of one of the best security companies in Dubai.


There are a lot of definite strategies that needs to be evident in your facility when it comes in terms of risk management. These form the integral part of the facility management services as they help you in ensuring that there is less amount of risk involved in the operation of your facility. There is a ton load of other opportunities that you need to be very conservative about and this also include the support services that will ensure that your facility is minimal of risk. This includes the involvement of the CCTV maintenance and surveillance to ensure that your facility is monitored 24/7. These services in culmination with each other will help you in improving the quality in the movement and operation of your facility.


When it comes to running a huge facility or a small one as well, it is very common to incur normal problems that include handy men who can help you with clearing those problems. There is a ton load of services that come under the handyman services that includes plumbing services for both domestic and commercial establishment, electrical services that include maintenance of your electrical equipment and repair as well. These are the two main integral services that you can get in terms of handyman services. Apart from these, there are also services that Selvam group offers in the handyman services which covers painting and carpentry as well. 


This part of the service includes the services that are included in air conditioning. This will also include installation services and maintenance as well to ensure that your Air conditioning systems work properly and there is a proper look out in the ways to avoid recurring repairs with your AC systems.  


Installation and maintenance of the drainage services of your system is the very most important aspect of your company facility to make sure that there is no life hazard conditions for your occupants in your facility. Selva Groups are equipped with a strong team of engineers and labour to ensure that your Drainage installation is proper and maintained to ensure that your system is maintained properly. 

Landscape and Home maintenance services in Dubai:

There are a lot of landscape requirements that you have in your facility as this purely is based on the aesthetic aspect of the facility. Selva Groups have a dedicated team of landscaping experts to ensure that your landscape and homes are maintained properly and with a dedicated team on board in our workforce has been helping Selva Groups to strive forward and be the number one facility management service company in Dubai and around the emirates. 


 Keeping your home safe is important and is often expected in any household or company premises. Security is most needed when you have valuable assets that means more for your business or your family. Using a security guard service is most required to stay calm and secured in the otherwise unsecured surrounding. A security guard is not just to gate keep at your home or office but also help during critical situations that will require and emergency service like incidental fire at home or office. To maintain a safe, calm and secured atmosphere at home or at office, it is important to employ a quality security service and stay calm and composed in a friendly atmosphere.





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