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Superlative Quality Switchgear Assembling

Switchgear grouping in Dubai provides manufacturing is definitely an intense field together with Switchgear assembling. A lot of requirements and pressure on innovation. The same can only work when there is an moreover uniquely updated team working round the clock. To make sure that you are working according too the latest benchmarks set  in the manufacturing field. That is exactly what happens in Selva GroupsSwitchgear grouping in Dubai, With more than ten years of rich experience in dealing with 

manufacturing of several products. Switchgear Assembling in Dubai, Selva Groups have always been on the frontline. To ensure that they meet the benchmarks of the latest trends set by the industry.

How are we able to do it?

Switchgear Aggregation in Dubai, Selva Groups is equipped with the best of the best team of dedicated manufacturing engineers. Who are professionals in their regime. The culmination of manufacturing engineers and an extensive design team. To design the manufacturing process of the many things that one of the best manufacturing service companies in and around Dubai.


What are the products that we assembling and manufacture?

There beginning lot of products that one industry can manufacture and it all depends on the level of experience that the company certainly in dealing with the manufacturing process. 


To make sure that Selva Groups always have the best of the best services to provide for their client. Selva Groups deal with a huge range of products starting from manufacture and supply of Low Voltage Switch Gears, LV panels, Motor control centers.

Low Voltage Switchgears and panels

The switchgear industry is an incredibly competent one and to make sure that you turn out to be the best in the industry. Can only be achieved if the company is skilled and experienced in the field. With more than 10 years of subtle experience in working with LV switchgears and panels. Selva Groups ensures that there is quality in every product that rolls out of the manufacturing line. 


There are many varieties of LV switchgears that Selva Groups deal with and all of that depend on your requirement. The expert switchgear design team at Selva Groups can help you with the perfect design of a switchgear that will meet your requirements and make your investment with Selva Groups worthwhile. Each of the switch gears undergo rigorous tests and quality check to ensure that only the best of the best products roll out of the manufacturing line.

Main Distribution Boards and LV panels

Main Distribution Boards and LV panels

Switchgear Assembling in Dubai, Distribution boards are definitely crucial components. Need to be designed and manufactured with nevertheless intricate experience and detail as they are a major aspect of your facility. 

They are the main components by the same token of any facility and Selva Groups conduct repeated site visits and inspection in the facility.

 To ensure that the distribution boards and LV panels with this intention produced and manufactured according to the standards of the industry. Inclusion of quality distribution HV lines is one of the major aspects of the industry and that is the major reason as to Selva Groups is one of the leading manufacturers of main distribution boards and panels in the industry.

Motor Control Centers 

Motor Control centers are a very important aspect for one thing to any facilities as the complete control  your facility.  By all means depends on it Selva Groups have specializations in dealing with design and manufacturing.

 If motor control centers that will help you in dealing with the absolute control 

of the motors in your facility. The superior usage of quality materials in the motor control centers.  beginning with one of the major reasons as of most important able to service our clients with the best of the best equipment in Dubai.

Motor control center

VFD control panels

In additionally Switchgear in Dubai, Variable Frequency Drive control panels but one of the most intricate. Additions to your power system design that make sure that  intense at time best performance curves machines in your facility. Then not all the VFD control panels  designed with the most intricate. Designing software and besides simulated to perfection to make sure that the same but achieved in practicality. Most of the VFD control panels that manufactured with pass a lot of simulation and QC to ensure that quality and reliability as maintained.



Control Panel

All the generators that you  using in your facility needs to monitored synchronized properly to achieve load balance in your power system. The expert team of engineers.


 At Selva Groups will help you with achieving the perfect synchronization and ensure that your facility runs well on electricity consumption. Selva Groups also deal with intricate control panel designing and Manufacturing. To ensure that most of the synchronizing  done with utmost care and provides all the strength that your facility requires.


 Selva Groups have  expert panel of research and design engineers who can design the perfect control panels for your facility. And make sure that they all work in to achieve maximum efficiency. furthermore Switchgear in Dubai, not to mention. 

This is the major reason why Selva Groups have been termed as the NO.1

 company in Dubai with manufacturing services.

Control Panel 1

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