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Facilities are extremely delicate and need regular maintenance and care when they are under work, especially when you have a footfall of more than 100 in a day, you must maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your space as a part of the legal requirements for facilities in and around Dubai.

Selecting the best cleaning services company for your facility is a top-notch decision and has to be done with extreme care and precaution to make sure that the company that is taking care of the responsibility of maintaining your facility spic and clean.

Selva Groups have been in the cleaning services industry for a very long time now, ranging from commercial cleaning to Cleaning manpower services. Coupled with a vast experience of nearly 10+ years, Selva Groups have been able to serve many of the elite companies with their cleaning services in Dubai making them one of the best and number one cleaning services in Dubai. There are a wide plethora of choices that you can choose from with Selva Groups when it comes to cleaning and the best part is this, you definitely can rely on Selva Groups to ensure that your facility has the best of the best cleaning service on track.

Some of the ample cleaning services that are available with Selva Groups include ;


Your commercial space needs to be taken care of with utmost care and hygiene to ensure that your workers and employees can work in a hygienic environment. As much as this may seem like a need, it is also a part of the law in Dubai to have a certified professional company that can take care of the cleaning services of your company. Selva Groups are equipped with a commercial cleaning force that can take care of the general cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, deep cleaning, external building wash, AC duct cleaning, and power washing services with their commercial cleaning services.


The best part of the team at Selva Groups is that the staff are well-uniformed, neatly groomed, and well-kept to maintain the professional poise of your facility.


When it comes to cleaning, there are a lot of different types of cleaning that can be done to make sure the facility that you are working in or the facility that you are staying in is maintained perfectly and clean. To make sure that no stone is unturned, Selva Groups cover a vast number of cleaning services ranging from Window cleaning, Car park cleaning, floor cleaning and polishing, water tank cleaning, carpet and sofa cleaning to events, and garden cleaning professionally. Most of the issues and problems that you will have with general cleaning at your facility is not a point of concern when you leave the same in the hands of Selva Groups. 


When it comes to any facility, it is bound to have a lot of state-of-the-art machinery and setups that can lead to having severe problems and huge bills when not maintained and cleaned properly. Cleaning these machinery comes as a part of the maintenance and having such services done on your machinery regularly can help the machine to last long and bring down your maintenance
bills very drastically. Selva Groups have a team of trained professionals who have the perfect knowledge of machinery to help with the cleaning process. Knowledge culminated with smart labor is what makes Selva Groups the best maintenance cleaning service company in Dubai and with services spanning from Kitchen Exhaust cleaning, Power washing, glue removal, AC duct cleaning, HVAC cleaning to post-construction cleaning. 


Maintaining hygiene is an important aspect for any kind of facility, let it be commercial or residential, you need to keep it hygienic as possible to make sure that you have routine maintenance to take care of that. Selva Groups believe in adapting to the latest trends and advancements to make sure that your facility is super clean and hygiene. With a task force that is equipped to do the job perfectly, Selva Groups can offer you a wide range of hygiene maintenance cleaning ranging from Disinfection services, Sanitization services, pest control services, mold remediation to pipeline disinfection cleaning. Being effective with these cleaning maintenance services is what makes selva Groups top of the game in the cleaning and services industry in Dubai. 


Cleaning and maintaining hygiene is an all-year-round process and that means that you need to have these routines and cleaning effectively round the clock to make sure that you can maintain your facility in spic and neat condition. But having a service of cleaning and maintaining can be a costly affair for many and that is the main reason why Selva Star have come up with AMC services on Cleaning, sanitization and pest control services to make sure that it is light on the pocket for maintaining your facility and also ensure that quality is not compromised. 


With a facility that is big enough to hold more than 1000 people, a team of 20-30 people would not be sufficient to maintain the whole of the facility and that is the number one reason why Selva Groups have come up with the service of providing manpower to facilities to ensure that you have the best of the best manpower, who are neatly groomed, uniformed and on their feet to make sure your facility is maintained well and neat like their own homes.


The best part is that the available manpower is completely light on the pocket and that means that you will have enough funds to have people working round the clock for you to maintain your facility.


Your facility floors need to be clean and sanitized regularly to make sure that your employees have the best of the best conditions to work. There are a lot of cleaning techniques that Selva Groups implement to make sure that the floor scrubbing and polishing services are done with perfection. 


There are a lot of deep cleaning that needs to be done with your facilities to make sure that you prolong the lives of the machineries that you are using in the facility. Selva Groups implies the best of the best deep cleaning services to make sure that your facility is maintained well. 


AC ducts can become really messy over the time and this means that they need to be cleaned regularly. Selva Groups can make sure that your AC ducts are maintained and cleaned properly so that they work efficiently. 


Post construction definitely leaves a very messy aftermath and definitely needs to be cleaned with extreme precaution to make sure that the construction site is free of hazards. There are a lot of things that the team at Selva Groups imply to make sure that they make the post construction cleaning services much effective.  


Your buildings are the significance of your business and this means that they need to be maintained inside out. As cleaning your outside of your facility building might sound not necessary, it makes a very huge difference in helping prolong the building’s life. This will prevent the formation of moss and mold. 


The car park is probably one of the most used facility that needs to be taken care properly. Selva Groups can make sure that your car park is maintained and cleaned to perfection to avoid regular patch work that causes a lot of money when done repeatedly. 



Water tanks need to be clean and this is a legal requirement in many parts of Dubai. This means that the water tank in your facility needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. There must be regular records of the cleaning to certify your facility to work. Selva Groups will ensure that all the aspects are maintained properly. 


Pipelines are the valves of a running facility and this means that they need to be clean and hygienic as possible. Now when it comes to pipeline disinfection there are a lot of things that you need to consider with the proper solutions used for the disinfection. This is where Selva Groups step in with more than 10 years of experience in the same. Selva Groups can help you with the best of the best pipeline disinfection services to make sure your facility is completely clean. 


Mold can be a serious problem especially if you are dealing with a large facility. Selva Groups is one of the best facility management services that will take care of your mold remediation services that will make sure that your facility is hygienic to work and occupy. 


Carpet and Sofa need to be maintained properly to make sure that they last long. This is because with the increase in the accumulation of dust particles, the thread lines within the sofa and carpet becomes weak leading to lesser lifetime. Selva Groups provides with the best Carpet and sofa shampooing services in Dubai to help prolong their life. 


Gardens add the aesthetic appeal to your facility. It is important to maintain and clean them regularly to make sure that they look that way. Selva Groups provide with the best of the best garden cleaning services to make sure that your gardens are maintained properly. 


External high access facades cleaning can seem like a really unwanted service but it makes all the difference in ensuring that your outsides of the building are maintained properly. Selva Groups provide with the best of the best external high access facades cleaning services in Dubai.


Power washing needs to be done with the best equipment and the best team to make sure it is done correctly. Selva Groups have immense experience in dealing with Power washing  to make sure it is done with perfection and that is what makes Selva Groups one of the best facility management service companies in Dubai. 



Packing services need to be the best of the best to make sure that you ensure that everything is packed properly. Selva Groups ensure that all of this is done with utmost perfection and safety so that the packages reach their destinations safely after shipping. 





Maid services are very important especially if you are dealing with a huge facility. The inclusion of maid services into your facility can make the difference in running your facility like a well-oiled machine. Selva Groups provide maid services with neatly groomed and uniformed maids making them the best company in Dubai for facility management services.



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