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The professionals will help you to get rid of rats, mice, pests and their nests. Before hiring a rodent control firm you must ensure that the company has a sound commerce license. Comprehensive insurance for third-party liability and worker’s compensation. At we guarantee this and more by verifying the experience of the company and the pest management skilled that we send for the service. This experience is vetted via the  ranking system based mostly on cumulative customer suggestions received over time. Rodents reproduce extremely shortly which suggests making an attempt to control an infestation by yourself could be extremely troublesome.

Unlike Norway Rodents, their tails are longer than their heads and our bodies combined. Caulk or wire mesh are more difficult for rodents to chew via so choose them wherever possible. Crush mint and bay leaves and sprinkle them in high danger areas corresponding to pantries, cupboards, and along window sills. Provide the extra benefit of repelling pesky mosquitoes in the summertime by placing mint vegetation around your home.

Rodents pest control

Preventing Mouse and Rat Infestations


Remove current rodent occupants

There are two methods for getting rid of mice and rats: trapping and baiting. For trapping, use snap-style traps designed to kill rodents quickly. For baiting, be sure to use tamper-resistant bait stations that hold the baits in place and keep children and pets out. Place both traps or bait along common pathways where you find droppings and gnaw marks. Ledges, fence rails, and foundations are typical paths.

Seal up your home

Close up all holes along your exterior using recommended rodent-proofing materials. Pay particular attention to doors, windows, and vents.

Eliminate outdoor access

Trim back overhanging trees that enable rodents to hop onto your roof. Also, keeping your trees properly pruned gives rodents one less place to hide from predators.

Clean up that yard

Remove piles of debris, clutter, and garbage from around your yard. Plant shrubs and bushes at least 3 feet from buildings. These spaces provide safe habitats for rodents.


Remove outdoor food sources

Gardens and fruit trees can be a real draw for rodents. If you have fruit trees, regularly remove dropped fruit from the ground. Keep the tree pruned to prevent hiding spots for rodents. Apply a rat guard to your trees by securing a piece of sheet metal 2 feet high around your tree’s trunk. In the garden, keep it free of rotting food and hiding places. Plant members of the mint family in and around your garden to deter. You can also spray predator urine (such as fox) around the perimeter of your garden as a deterrent. Typically, you can find this at your local garden store in powder and liquid form.

Build a wall

It doesn’t need to be a big wall or an actual wall. For example, creating a 2-foot-wide cement or crushed rock barrier is another deterrent to mice and rats.

Practice cleanliness in and around your home

If rodents don’t have food, they certainly have no reason to want to invade your home. So don’t leave food sitting out in and around your house. Instead, make sure garbage cans and pet food an in rodent-proof bins.

Invest in mint

Both rats and mice avoid the scent of mint. Plant mint outside in your garden and rub peppermint oil indoors along attic beams and other areas where you’ve experienced rodent problems. Even leaving some dried mint leaves can help.

Pick up a new friend from your local shelter

Cats are an excellent deterrent for keeping rodents out of your yard and away from your home. The cat doesn’t need to be an excellent mouser to scare off mice and rats. Their scent alone serves as a deterrent.

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That’s a long to-do list for preventing mouse and rat infestation. Don’t have the time, materials, or feel comfortable removing rodents? That’s where we come in. As pest control professionals, we’re used to dealing with rodent infestations and exterminating them from your home. So contact us to take care of your rodent infestation now and prevent further rodent pest control problems in the future.

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