Manpower supply

Manpower Supply

Reliable Manpower Supply Accordingly, Manpower Supply Are The Ultimate Need When Any Commercial Activity In Any Factory, Industry, Or Warehouse. Maintaining Skilled Manpower Supply Is The Next Most Crucial Step In Keeping An Employable Workforce. Still Manpower Supply Consulting Helps You Because Of Choose The Best Talents Available In The Manpower Supply Industry Segment. While Thrive […]
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Maintenance Services

High Tech Maintenance Services In additionally, When it comes to managing and running a facility, there are a lot of things. That are critical in ensuring that your facility runs but the same way being that Maintenance. Is one of the most critical part and we at take care of preventive maintenance services and Facility Repair work. […]
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Pest Control and Sanitization Services 1

Pest Control and Sanitization Services

Certified Pest Control Sanitization Services Selva Groups provide professional Pest control and Sanitization Services. For homes, offices, and warehouses in Dubai using Dubai municipality-approved chemicals and German-made, the latest technology. Pest control and Disinfection | Sanitization are chemicals that can kill 99.99% as a result in of bacteria in 30 seconds while disinfectant. This products that can destroy all […]
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Cleaning Services

Chat With Us For BEST Offers!! Trusted Cleaning Services We offer high-quality cleaning services in Dubai at very affordable prices. Our cleaners use only safe and eco-friendly products that will leave your Home|Sofa|Carpets looking brand new again. Selva Group has been providing cleaning services for the housekeeping industry for 15+ years. We’re committed to giving […]
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Facility Management


BEST FACILITY MANAGEMENT To enumerate things facilities following need to run in the background to make sure that your  although a matter of fact operate efficiently and adequately. After that works needs to ensure that your  runs in that particular way, and many technical entities get covered. facility management a culmination of various elements that need too […]
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