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The final aspect to which Selva group has been specializing in the Emirates is the trading grounds of the rich market in the Emirates. With a demand that spikes by the year for good food and quality electronics in the Emirates Market, Selva Group has always been able to provide the best trading services in the service and the technical niches when it comes to food and electronics in Dubai and the middle east. This is perhaps the major attribute that contributes to our scaling in the trading field all over the middle east.
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Being a company that is multi-faceted, we are also into the manufacturing business as well. Manufacturing equipment and machineries that match the latest innovation standards of the UAE and globally is a promise that you would get with Selva groups. We are into the productions of equipment that will help you to run your company effectively and efficiently. We are the specialists in producing Main Distribution Boards 6300A (Form2 to Form4), sub main distribution boards(Load Bank Type), relay control panels for H.V. and M.V. substations, motor control centres, feeder pillars , street lighting panels , synchronizing panels, metering cabinets, enclosed isolators, consumer distribution boards and control panels for generators, pumps.
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Man Power Service

Man Power Services

Man power is the ultimate need when any commercial activity is done in any factory, industry or warehouse. Maintaining a skilled man power is the next most important step in keeping a employable workforce. Our Man Power Consulting services helps you choose the best talents available in the engineering support services industry segment. We thrive […]
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Facility Management

We here at Selva groups consider Managing Facilities as an art. An art that needs to be dealt with utmost professionalism and supreme quality. We have been providing the same to all of our clients over the past ten years with facility management services and that is the number one reason, they come back to us again. We are equipped with a team that is trained to the latest management requirements required to manage elite facilities owned by companies like you. Here at Selva Group, multiple needs are backed with a single solution, Quality. And that is the major reason why we have the privilege of serving elite companies in the Emirates.
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