AMC Dubai

Electrical AMC contract

An electrical system needs regular maintenance and overhaul to keep it from malfunctioning. To keep it working 24×7 the electrical engineers work regularly, monitoring the status of all the electrical system in place. Maintaining such a system at a large scale in facilities or factory floor needs huge amount of resources and dedicated manpower. Using electrical AMC contract services gives way to maintaining electrical infrastructure easily and cost effectively. Additionally, AMC contract services also provide professional maintenance services to keep the electrical equipment at work functional 24×7 without any problem.

Water supply AMC contract

Water is very important and critical resource to keep the facility functional at all the times. Maintaining a functional water source will keep the facility clean and dirt free. All water supply systems need regular monitoring in terms of pressure checking, leakage monitoring, and blockages in the flow within the pipe. An important part of any water supply system is the pumping system which needs close monitoring to keep the water supply system working in the facility. Using Water supply AMC contract is required to maintain the water supply system at the professional level and improve functional capability of water supply systems.

Plumbing AMC contract 

Pipes are critical part of any water or drainage or air cooling systems, keeping track of them is of at most importance in the working of other systems that are dependent of them. Air cooling ducts are the most critical systems that needs and uses heavy piping support to circulate clean air inside the facility. Maintaining the facility with clean air is very important which is dependent on the plumbing maintenance and support. Professional maintenance of plumbing service is very important, and using plumbing AMC contract keeps your plumbing systems working at the time.

Drainage AMC contract

Waste water management is an important part of any facility management team, and it needs maintenance on day-to-day basis from any accidental blockages, or leakages or damages to flushing system. Keeping your drainage system up and functional 24×7 is crucial with a professional maintenance setup or a team of professional working people. Drainage system maintenance includes regular checking of flushing systems, waste water drain system, monitoring any anti-clogging system installed in a drain system. A professional drainage AMC contract will aid in maintaining the drain system condition up and functional at the time.

HVAC AMC contract

HVAC systems keep the air cooling systems in a facility functional and it needs a professional maintenance setup. Typical HVAC systems are used in small to large facilities which covers area from small work floor to large work floor. Air conditioner use heavy duty ducts that transfer huge volumes of fresh air into the building and drains any excess or impure air coming out from the building. To maintain these critical HVAC system using an AMC contract is necessary, to keep the air conditioning systems functional 24×7.

General maintenance AMC contract

A facility involves the functioning of multiple departments which includes the HVAC, Plumbing, Drainage and water supply systems. A general maintenance involves keeping these departments functional all the time and with less to minimal efforts it is possible with the AMC contracts. Using General maintenance AMC contract makes it cost effective and efficient in maintaining the facility with regular maintenance visit. Also, using general maintenance contract can give you the freedom from heavy maintenance costs while maintaining various systems in a facility.

Carpentry AMC Dubai

Furniture and other woodworks are a craft and art that needs to be protected from accidental or natural damage. Any facility without furnishing looks unpleasant and under maintained furnishing also gives you unpleasant experience in using any facility. Furnishing often comes in all forms and sizing according to the needs and cost affordability, so having a Carpentry AMC can support easier maintenance of these furnishings. Also, it reduces the burden of maintenance of these furnishes with minimal efforts and more effective facility management practice.

Swimming Pool AMC contract

Every luxury facility services provides swimming pool facility as part of their offerings and it’s the building management team’s work to keep the pools clean and usable all the time. Swimming pools often develop biological activity which contaminates water every now and then. The water management at the pools and after every usage is crucial to maintain a healthy and comfortable pool atmosphere in any facility. To keep the facility pools cleans and usable all the time, it is important to have a swimming pool AMC contract that takes care of all the maintenance needs of a swimming pool.  

Cleaning AMC services

Cleaning in general involves all sorts of cleaning within the building, including interiors and exteriors. It can also include wash rooms and work floor maintenance on a regular basis. The facility management team takes care of these areas in a facility to be kept clean and tidy all the time. Staffs maintenance and circulation of staffs at these work sites is an important factor in maintaining a healthy and clean work place. Using a cleaning AMC service makes it possible to maintain cleaner workspace and other facility areas with less effort and maximum effectivity.

Water Tank Cleaning AMC

Water tanks are an important part of any household or a commercial facility. It is very much the responsibility of the facility management team to do regular maintenance of the water tanks. We do professional water tank maintenance of all capacity with facility for AMC to reduce your maintenance cost.

Pest Control AMC

Pest control services are important to keep the facility clean free from any infections caused by pests. Doing regular maintenance of your facility is needed to keep it free from pests. We provide pest control services with AMC facility in Dubai.

Sanitization and Disinfection AMC

Sanitize your place with proper sanitization ways using powerful disfectants that donot stink and a the same time sanitizes the facility. Our professional sanitization teams can disinfect the facility at lower AMC cost.


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