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We offer high-quality cleaning services in Dubai at very affordable prices. Our cleaners use only safe and eco-friendly products that will leave your carpets looking brand new again.

Trusted Cleaning Services

Selva Groups is cleanup services has been providing cleaning services Helping Hand in the housekeeping industry for seemingly forever. For almost 15+ years, Selva Group equally Deep cleansing services served many first-class organizations with their cleaning helping hand in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, making them genuinely outstanding 

and number one cleaning in Dubai.


There are plenty of broad decisions that you can look over with Selva Groups regarding Clean up services. The best part of this, not to mention unquestionably, can depend on Selva Groups to guarantee after that your office the most elite housekeeping administration on target. We are an equally important licensed & insured company ready to deal with any project regarding your site or residence.


The excellent shine of residence or workplace home windows is our aim when conducting the contract with the buyer. Therefore, the windows cleansing methods we utilize must intend this time fashionable and up-to-date and make the cleansing process be fast, effective, and environment friendly. Our mission since to supply and exceed complete customer satisfaction through an unprecedented degree of cleaning service excellence and high-quality assurance. 

We are a licensed & insured company ready to deal with any project regarding your site or residence.


House cleansing services, The association is accessible with most important for the purpose of flexible

hours. We will most likely finish each after all work to the customer’s fulfillment. Essentially call 

|WhatsApp for Cleaning booking. We are happy to clean your home or work environment with this 

intention of cleansing relies on the size of your home and the consistency of regular house cleaning servicesGenerally, clients select fit housekeeping in Dubai in any event once reliably. 


Regardless, you may even decide to have professional home cleaning done once every week if you have a referencing plan. But, although as of now, for the people who have a step-by-step cleaning plan, cleaning services you may require housekeeping organizations exactly when you’re anticipating an occasion or returning from a long move away.


Accordingly is must endeavor of Deep cleansing services needs to be done in your facilities to ensure that you prolong the lives of the facility’s machinery. Selva Groups implies the best deep cleaning services to make sure that your facility is maintained well Deep cleaning services.

 Deep Cleanings required in Move-In house, New House and Once in 3 months of each home in addition to general Cleaning

Deep Cleaning’s Scope:

It has cleaned every item/area in your home.

Heavy Cleansing’s equipment:

It is carried out with propositional cleaner with Scrubbing, Buffing and Polishing machine and Vocum machine, etc.


We sanitize every part of the facility to protect you and the facility from unknown bacteria and viruses and making an excellent indoor environment

Cleaning Services - deep cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning In Bath Room

We provide Deep cleaning services to all buildings,  apartments, Villas, Residential Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, and Commercial buildings.

Sanitization and Deep Cleaning are in bathroom fittings, Water closets, Washbasin, Shower, Bathtub, Mirror, Empty trash,  Light fixture, Switches,

 Sockets, Fan, AC grilles, and Cupboard, Bath room’s walls, doors, and interior windows.


And Bath room’s Floors scrubbing, Buffing, Polishing, Vacuuming, and Grout cleaning by machine with a professional cleaner in selva Deep cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning In Kitchen:

 They are kitchen fittings, Cupboard, Kitchen sink, Kitchen Hood, Refrigerator ,Stove, Owen, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Counters and counters’ tops.

 Empty trash, Light fixture, Switches, Sockets, Fan and AC grilles, Kitchen walls, doors, and interior windows on sanitization and Deep Cleaning services.

 And Kitchen’s Floors scrubbing, Buffing, Polishing, Vacuuming, and Grout cleaning machine with a professional cleaner on a Deep cleaning services

Bedroom’s deep cleaning

A Cupboard, Empty trash, Light fixtures, Switches, Sockets, Fan and AC grilles, TV, dining table, chair,  bedroom’s walls, doors, and interior windows.

And bedroom’s Floors scrubbing, Buffing, Polishing, Vacuuming, and Grout cleaning machine with a professional cleaner.

Lobby’s Deep Cleaning :

And the besides a lobby room’s Floors scrubbing, Buffing, Polishing, Vacuuming, and Grout cleaning machine with a professional cleaner

Deep Cleaning In Living Room :

Additionally Sanitization and Deep Cleaning are Cupboard, Empty trash, Light fixtures, Switches, Sockets, Fan and AC grilles, TV, dining table, chair,  etc.
And, the living room’s walls, doors, and interior windows,  the living room’s Floors scrubbing, Buffing, Polishing, Vacuuming, and Grout cleaning machine 

with a professional cleaner. 


Selva cleaning as provided that esteemed customers, you’re most important consistently been our main priority. But practice thoroughly for biohazard crises as a feature of our general crisis although reaction status.


Accordingly, The major benefits of green cleansing merchandise are that these formulations are based on raw supplies .These are largely environmentally friendly together with a confirmed performance in cleaning. 


When you contemplate green cleaning products, you additionally want to consider the advantages to the overall setting. Conventional cleansing merchandise may contain chemical substances that current well-being problems for those who use them. It may launch toxins and pollution into the surroundings once washed down the drain.


Cleaning Services - -sanitization


Whenever Sanitization quality checked municipality and approved to works this recommended for covid-19 affected facility.


In addition owing too after all  business cleaning services space dealt with the most  important extreme consideration and cleanliness to guarantee of your staff. And representatives can work in a sterile climate.


However much this may appear to be a need, it is likewise a piece of the law in Dubai to have a confirmed professional organization.


Moreover, it can deal with then cleaning administrations of your organization. Selva Groups outfitted with a business cleaning power that can deal with Cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, profound Cleaning, outside the building wash, AC channel cleaning. Although force washing administrations with their business cleaning administrations.


 Similarly the most excellent aspect of the group at Selva Groups is that the staff all around formally in order that. Furthermore Dubai Clean offers a wide range of warehouses, schools, hospitals, shops, showrooms & industrial cleaning, this can be from a small office up to large factory units.


Sofa Cleaning is certainly not a simple undertaking. However, there are times when cleaning the couch all alone becomes unavoidable. In the beginning dust and dry soil will be removed from the sofa Cleaning by using a heavy-duty vacuum machine.


Our expert team will check the type of sofa materials and will apply the right chemical as suitable for that sofa Cleaning. It may remove spots and stains entirely from the sofa.

We will do shampooing in every corner of the sofa Cleaning  to ensure complete shampooing.


Finally, We will extract the water through a hot water extraction machine and our expert will ensure the quality of the sofa Cleaning shampooing. If you are looking for professional Sofa Cleaning shampooing for your house, please contact us for better-guaranteed shampooing at an affordable price.


Continuously try not to rub the mess as it can undoubtedly spread and harm the texture.

However, couch cleaning could have all the earmarks of being a simple undertaking. However, it may not be so, particularly in the event of obstinate stains and soil.


Therefore, it is ideal to look for professional assistance in such a circumstance as they will have the right cleaning arrangement and gear to embrace an intensive cleaning. We will meet your budget with quality services all the time.


Curtain and blinds should have extras in any home. even though does not just add to the excellence. The room yet additionally goes about as an air channel catching residue, bugs, scent, and smoke.


In that capacity, the drapes can be a force to be reckoned with of rubble and soil and can set off asthma and different other respiratory issues on the off chance that not kept up with appropriately. In this manner, there is a need to intermittently embrace shade cleaning to drag out its life and further develop indoor air quality.

Dry shade cleaning

At first, the shades on entirely inspected for spots and stains. Then, the shadows on vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate free soil and residue when done. Spotting arrangement is then applied to eliminate imperfections. Then, the shades are laundered at that point utilizing excellent performances.

Above all sanitizes the drapery and eliminates any undesirable smell .This cleaning at suggested in houses where legitimate ventilation disperses the scent of the cleaning arrangement.

Wet shade cleaning

Here a shading test directed to ensure that the drape doesn’t drain. Then, at that point, the drape is vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate all residue and soil.

Spot cleaning, assuming required, is completed at this stage.  After, at some point, the surface is rewashed and dried.

Cleaning Services - CURTAIN CLEANING


Therefore  Carpet Cleaning Services  is kept up  to illustrate appropriately to keep going along with the expansion cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Services in the amassing of residue particles. As a result, the string lines inside the Professional Carpet Cleansing Service get powerless, prompting a lesser lifetime. 

 Selva Groups furnishes with the best Carpet Cleaning shampooing administrations in Dubai to help draw out their life. Rug Cleans expert floor covering wiping administrations offer total consideration. 

Cleaning a shampooing on rug  security to different kinds of rugs. Our experts inspect and decide the consistent cleaning services answer to remove the carpet smells different types of Carpet Cleaning Services good consider to professional work.


They can recommend which Carpet Cleaning Services administration  excellent examining the kind of floor covering at your home. The floor covering Carpet Cleaning Services  machine utilized on the rugs delicate on the texture and guarantees successful expulsion of caught earth and garbage . 

If present heated water extraction and dry compound cure. Book our rug and mat, shampooing, and cleaning administrations at a reasonable cost. Either Book covers cleaning on the web or Call us  immediately. Appreciate total true serenity with the information that you’re getting one of the most outstanding rug cleanings  in Dubai


SELVA GROUP demonstrating best handyman certainly including Electrician, Plumber, AC Technician, Mason, Painter, Carpenter, and cleaner all through in the UAE, covered with Dubai, Sharjah, Abu dhabi, and Ajman.

Selva Groups  concocted the assistance of giving staffing to offices to guarantee that you have the most elite staffing, conveniently prepared, formally dressed, and on their feet to ensure your office is kept up well and perfect like their own homes.

The best part but  that the available staffing is completely light on the pocket, after all that means that you will have enough funds to have people working round the clock to maintain your facility.
All providers quoted for are based on the law prevailing and in force or effect as of date of the citation, make modifications to the companies and/or terms and situations. Following any such changes that considers to be materials.


Although facility floors need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure that your employees have the best conditions to work, there are many cleaning techniques that Selva Groups implement to make sure that the floor scrubbing and polishing services are done correctly with 100% perfection.
The specialists at SELVA GROUP certainly helped you stain because and destroyed tile, grout, and marble wrap up. For each situation, significantly clean and sanitize tile and grout strains to check your floors, edges, loos, and kitchens look flawless Procedures to give an ideal end without hurting the wise idea of the floor materials. Moreover, we provide a deep cleaning to discard any blemishes from each side of your property. We can wipe out buildup, grime, and coarseness from any floor and make your ground surface shining and unblemished when once more additionally give us further selva groups is best services.


Over time, dust, dirt, mold, and other parasites can build up on your Ac ducts. Affecting your air quality, increasing the risk of harmful  airborne diseases, and aggravating any allergies. That you or your family may have. Duct cleaning enables any dirt, debris, and toxic contaminants to be removed, ensuring your air is both clean and healthy.


Duct cleaning focuses on successfully removing all traces of dirt, slime, mold, and debris that may be trapped within your ducts and other components of your HVAC system. Leaving them sparkling. Our experienced technicians use market-leading roto brush equipment that both robustly cleans the ducts.


while simultaneously Sucking away all dirt in a simple, stress-free, mess-free procedure. The result? A far cleaner, healthier indoor environment.


Post-construction leaves a very messy aftermath and needs to be cleaned besides

with extreme precautions.

It is to ensure the construction site free of hazards. There many things that the team does.

Our company understands what it takes to complete every clean-up job safely. 

More importantly for you, however, that we have the licensing and insurance coverage required.

  • If affordable, we save your time by providing multiple post-construction cleaning services under one roof.
  • Our expert team members trained to accurately remove stubborn post-construction residues and stains without damaging the surface.
  • To have ultra-efficient equipment and a safe cleaning solution to remove every particle.
  • Use a germ and odor neutralizing system to get rid of scuffs, smudges, and dirt from surfaces.

Selva Groups implies making sure that they make the post-construction cleaning services much more effective.   


Being that buildings are the significance of your business, which means after that they need to be maintained inside. As cleaning the outside of your facility building might sound unnecessary, it makes a massive difference in helping prolong the building’s life. It will prevent the formation of moss and mold. 

We utilize high squeezing factors notwithstanding delicate wash methodologies for an assortment of surfaces. We hope to work with you on your entire strain washing needs. We would energy wash structures using an adaptable framework or through the stage or effects lifts. For hardwearing surfaces, energy washing is typically the best cleaning procedure

Then scrub it onto the place manually and rinse it out before using the ability pressure washer.

 Bleach is an especially efficient chemical which can be used to scrub moss and different stains as well

Cleaning Services - external Power washing


The car park is probably one of the most used facilities that need to be

 taken care of properly. Selva Groups can ensure that your car park is maintained and cleaned to perfection to avoid regular patchwork that causes a lot of money when done repeatedly. 

No water run-off ought to be seen from your property into the expansive space, whether or not you are from washing your vehicle, carport, or patio domain. 


If you clean your parking spot or car, if it’s not all that much difficulty, clear up any buildup, sand, and buildup from the space first and discard it in your dustbin sooner than you start washing. (Staff ought to use a bucket and surface to scour vehicles or a brush to clean carports and porches.) Under no conditions could your car be washed inside the progressive space of the neighborhood.


Selva Groups will ensure that all the aspects are Water tank Cleaning Services are appropriately maintained. It means that the Water tank Cleaning Services in your facility needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly Cleaning Services. There must be regular water tank Cleaning Services records that certify your facility to work. 


SELVA GROUP has some ability in top quality cleansing utilizing the particular Water tank Cleaning Services biological

 Agreeable item and presents an expansive extent of associations for all conceivable private and current necessities.

Water tank Cleaning Services present service on your doorsteps, offering you trained, pleasant employees outfitted and very quality services.


 Water tank Cleaning Services both parties shall cooperate in good religion to resolve the issue promptly.

Our specialists will guarantee that your tank is impeccably cleaned and sanitized, getting a stockpile of clean and microorganism-free water.


In addition, we ensure that your water tank is cleaned and sanitized, remembering the most elevated climate and wellbeing guidelines. While we predominantly serve in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we will offer our types of assistance to most parts of the UAE.


Accordingly, Mold can be a severe problem, especially you are dealing with a large facility.

 Selva Groups is the best service provider to take care of your mold remediation services to ensure that your facility is hygienic to work and occupy. 


We will assist you with evaluating and choosing the justification for the shape and the right walks to eliminate the structure and hold your loved ones secure. Using state of crafted by the quality stuff and approaches. 


Our systems and air scrubbers will dispense with development and different turns of events, similarly to the potential for structure spores to spread all through the rest of the property. When the outcomes are arranged, our experts can seal the affected districts, lessening the chances that form will, in the end, occupy that space. The shape is a sort of development that contains little animals discovered practically in all spots


While External high access façade cleaning can seem like an unwanted service to make all the difference in ensuring that your outsides of the building are adequately maintained, although this may be true.


Selva Groups provide the best of the best external high access facades cleaning services in Dubai.


Processes of making sure the exterior of a building is clear of any dirt, grime, stains, and facades. If used to manage the thermal condition of buildings interiors also enhance their appearance.A sparkling face leaves a lasting impression on visitors and potential customers. 

In Dubai, most of the buildings have shows which are environment friendly by not allowing heat reflection from the buildings to the atmosphere and saving energy.


So, it is essential that regular Cleaning and maintenance of facades be carried out, increasing the longevity of buildings and maintaining their property value.


Accordingly, that Power washing needs to in the hope that complete with the best equipment and the best team has done. 

Selva Groups have immense experience in dealing with Power washing with perfection, which makes Selva Group is the top facility management company in UAE. 

We use a high squeezing factor similarly to sensitive wash techniques for an expansive extent of surfaces. Power washing the outside of your home keeps shape, green development, creatures, A power washer uses a high-pressure stream of very hot water to blast away dirt and materials from outdoor surfaces.

The combination of high pressure and the temperature  for fear that water makes


Selva Groups provide the most compelling evidence Grease trap cleaning services trap regular cleaning is more important if the grease trap fills with waste, often as the trash allows the bacteria growth. We do small, medium & large size of grease trap cleaning. 


Selva offers companies for the elimination of grease and cleans the traps. The skilled group right here at Freeline can clear your grease traps, pumping away all the grime to go away your drainage system transparent so the water can move freely again. Grease traps are part of the restaurant that intercepts grease solids earlier than entering the wastewater disposal system. 


One of the primary services of Selva Environmental Services is grease trap cleaning which consists of washing grease deposits of traps. Grease traps are essential to keep functioning, mainly if you run a restaurant or a business that requires heavy kitchen use.


Accordingly, Gardens add aesthetic appeal to your facility. It is to maintain and clean them regularly to make sure that they look that way. Selva Groups provide the best garden cleaning services to ensure that your gardens are adequately maintained.


 Our cleaning teams are well trained and they use high-quality cleaning equipment, High-pressure washer machines to clean the garden, terrace or outdoor premises. These machines are highly effective in removing all the dirt and dust particles from the garden.


Our cleaning teams and maids thoroughly clean the outdoor areas, including the garden area, 

terrace, outdoor furniture, windows, doors, etc.

There are most important scene necessities in your office as this relies upon the elegant piece of the workplace.


 Selva Groups has besides  a given gathering of masterminding experts to ensure that your scene and home proper


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