Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance


Accordingly, SELVA GROUP is providing an air-cooled chiller service. We give you better serve all types of chiller our team has an experience of technicians who have worked indifferent chillers like Carrier, Trane, York, Kirloskar, Blue Star, Voltas. The chillers operated with leaving water temperatures starting from 35 °C–52 °C. The fundamental design of the Sapphire range is that it includes all elements of a cooling system into one easy package deal. 

Treatment offers each air-cooled and water-cooled chiller variant at a good range of capacities to serve needs despite your varying circumstances. Stay away from any loop balances, for example, for bending in blades and indications of consumption. We supply A/C Sales & Rental to be used with a cold plunge pool or for those who want to cool off their pool water. Selva works on Medical Chiller techniques starting from design to installation commissioning & maintenance of the identical full of its ducting, refrigerant piping, electrical, and management functions. 

One-time service or annual upkeep plan, A.C. service pricing are just about the standard by A.C. unit capability and number of units installed within the villa or construction. Additionally, should you see that then compressor is unable to supply a more substantial cooling effect, then most likely, it is as a result of a leak. Upon finding leaks, our consultants implement the necessary fixations or replace them.

 For occasion, when you find leakage, block, or compressor uncommon noises, then it’s time to avail correct chiller maintenance service instantly. A chiller removes warmth from a liquid by using fuel compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The thermodynamic cycle absorption chiller is by a warmth source via steam, sizzling water, or combustion. Absorption Chillers powered by a warmth supply similar to smoke transferring parts

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

Introduction to Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers are one of the most used cooling systems in UAE. They are simple, reliable and require little maintenance. Air cooled chillers work by circulating refrigerant through a series of coils or tubes in a chiller unit. As the refrigerant circulates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the air passing over the coils or tubes. This process produces chilled air that can be circulated throughout a building or space to provide cooling.


While air cooled chillers are typically low maintenance, they still require some care and attention to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively. Selva Group offers expert air cooled chiller maintenance services that can keep your system running smoothly for years to come. Our team of experienced technicians will inspect your chiller unit and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks, such as coil cleaning or fan blade replacement. We also offer regular preventative maintenance packages that can help you identify potential issues before they cause problems.


By choosing Selva Group for your air cooled chiller maintenance needs, you can rest assured that your system is in good hands. We have years of experience servicing all types of cooling systems, and our team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our air-cooled chiller maintenance services or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


Benefits of Professional Maintenance Services for Air Cooled Chillers

It’s no secret that air cooled chillers are a key piece of equipment in any industrial or commercial facility. Without a properly functioning chiller, businesses would be unable to maintain optimal temperatures for various processes and products. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable maintenance team on hand to keep your air-cooled chiller running smoothly.


Here at Selva Group, we offer professional maintenance services for air cooled chillers. We understand the importance of having a functional chiller and will do everything we can to keep yours in top condition. Our team of experienced technicians will perform regular check-ups and cleanings to ensure that your chiller is always operating at peak efficiency. We also offer emergency repairs if something does happen to go wrong.

There are many benefits to professional maintenance services for air cooled chillers, such as:


Improved efficiency  

Regular check-ups and cleanings can help improve the efficiency of your chiller, which can save you money on energy costs over time.


Preventive maintenance

Catching small problems early on can prevent them from turning into bigger, more expensive issues down the road. This can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.


 Peace of mind

Knowing that your chiller is being properly maintained by professionals will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

If you’re looking for reliable maintenance services for your air-cooled chiller, then look no further than Selva Group. Our team of experienced technicians is here to help keep your chiller running smoothly so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to get started!


Selva Group’s Expertise in Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance Services

Air cooled chillers are a vital part of any HVAC system and require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Selva Group has years of experience servicing air cooled chillers and can help you keep your system in top condition. Our team of highly trained technicians can perform all types of maintenance, from simple repairs to complex troubleshooting. We also offer preventive maintenance services to help avoid future problems.


Whether you have a small residential chiller or a large industrial unit, Selva Group has the knowledge and expertise to keep it running smoothly. We understand the importance of keeping your air-cooled chiller in good condition and will work diligently to ensure that it is always operating at peak performance.


Advantages of Hiring Selva Group for Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance Services

If you are looking for air cooled chiller maintenance services , then Selva Group is the best choice for you. We have been providing air cooled chiller maintenance services for over 15 years and has a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers who can provide you with the best service possible.

Some of the advantages of hiring Selva Group for your air-cooled chiller maintenance needs include:

  • Selva Group has a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers who can provide you with the best service possible.
  • We offer a wide range of air-cooled chiller maintenance services that can meet your specific needs.
  • We also offer competitive rates for our air-cooled chiller maintenance services.
  • Selva Group is committed to providing quality air cooled chiller maintenance services and has a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services.
  • We have a quick response time and can respond to any emergency quickly and efficiently.
  • Our team uses the latest technology and products in our maintenance services which ensures that your air-cooled chiller is running effectively and efficiently.


Overview of the Step-by-Step Process

It is essential to have an air-cooled chiller maintenance service carried out by a reliable company to avoid any major issues and keep the equipment working efficiently. Selva Group has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who carry out regular maintenance services on all types of air cooled chillers. We have been providing air cooled chiller maintenance services for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience in dealing with different types of equipment.


The first step in the process is to identify any potential problems with the chiller. This is done by carrying out a thorough inspection of the equipment and checking for any signs of wear and tear. Once any potential problems have been identified, the next step is to carry out repairs or replacements as necessary. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace some of the parts on the chiller.


After all repairs or replacements have been made, the next step is to carry out a full service on the equipment. This involves flushing out the system, checking all filters and making sure that everything is operating correctly. Once this has been completed, the final step is to carry out a performance test on the equipment to ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently.


Tools and Equipment Used in the Maintenance Process

There are many tools and pieces of equipment used in the maintenance process of air-cooled chillers. These include:

  • A screwdriver set.
  • A ratchet and socket set.
  • Allen wrenches.
  • A torque wrenches.
  • A pry bar set.
  • A hammer.
  • A chiller cleaning solution.

Each tool serves a specific purpose in the upkeep of an air-cooled chiller. For example, a screwdriver is necessary to loosen or tighten screws, while a pry bar can be used to remove panels or covers. A chiller cleaning solution is used to clean the internal components of the unit.


Key Tips to Keep in Mind During a Professional Maintenance

  • Plan for regular professional maintenance services – it will save you money in the long run!
  • Keep an eye on your chiller’s performance and be sure to schedule repairs as soon as anything appears to be wrong.
  • Make sure that only qualified personnel are performing maintenance on your chiller.
  • Regularly clean and inspect your chiller’s cooling coils and evaporator to ensure optimal performance.
  • Be sure to keep a good supply of spare parts on hand in case of any repairs that may be needed.
  • Make sure to keep records of any maintenance that is done, as well as any parts that were replaced.
  • Contact a service technician if your chiller stops working or is not functioning properly – never attempt to perform maintenance work on your own.


Cost of Air-Cooled Chiller Maintenance Services

As one of the leading air-cooled chiller maintenance service providers , Selva Group offers a complete range of services to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of highly experienced and qualified engineers and technicians are on hand to provide expert advice and support, whenever you need it.


We offer a comprehensive maintenance programme for all types of air-cooled chillers, which includes regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and prompt repairs when needed. This ensures that your equipment is always operating at peak performance, helping to prolong its lifespan and reduce running costs.


Our air-cooled chiller maintenance services are competitively priced, and we offer a number of flexible payment options to suit your budget and requirements. We also provide a 24/7 emergency call-out service, so you can rest assured that help is always on hand when you need it.


Common Issues Faced with AC Chiller and Solutions

There are a few common issues that can arise when using an AC chiller, but thankfully there are also solutions to these problems. Some of the most common issues faced with AC chillers include:


The chiller is not cooling properly.

This is usually due to a problem with the refrigerant levels in the chiller. too much or too little refrigerant can cause the chiller to work less effectively. The best way to solve this problem is to have a trained technician come and look at your chiller unit.


The chiller is making strange noises.

If your chiller unit is making strange noises, it could be due to a build-up of dirt and debris in the unit. This can be easily fixed by having a technician clean out the unit on a regular basis.


The temperature in the room is not consistent.

If you find that the temperature in your room is not consistent, it may be due to a problem with the thermostat on your chiller unit. Again, this is something that can be easily fixed by a trained technician.


The chiller is not responding to the thermostat.

If your chiller unit is not responding to the thermostat, it is likely due to a faulty wiring connection or a problem with the thermostat itself. This should be addressed by a professional technician as soon as possible.


The chiller has insufficient airflow.

If there is not enough airflow coming from your chiller unit, it could be because there is a blockage in the ducts. A technician should be able to easily clear out any blockages and get your chiller unit back up and running properly.


Safety Tips to Remember While Maintaining an Air Cool

It is essential to always take safety precautions while performing any type of maintenance on your air-cooled chiller. Some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, glasses/goggles, and a dust mask or respirator.
  • Never allow anyone to stand directly in front of or behind the air-cooled chiller while it is in operation.
  • Keep all flammable materials, such as cleaning solvents and lubricants, away from the chiller.
  • Be sure to disconnect all power sources before beginning any maintenance tasks.

By following these simple safety tips, you can help ensure a safe and successful experience while maintaining your air-cooled chiller.

Selva Group has been providing air cooled chiller maintenance services for many years and have built a strong reputation among our clients. With our comprehensive range of services, we can ensure that all your chillers remain operating at maximum efficiency and that you never experience any downtime due to faults. If quality and reliable service is what you’re looking for, make sure to give Selva Group a try – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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