Man Power Services

Man power is the ultimate need when any commercial activity is done in any factory, industry or warehouse. Maintaining a skilled man power is the next most important step in keeping a employable workforce. Our Man Power Consulting services helps you choose the best talents available in the engineering support services industry segment. We thrive to provide quality and skilled engineer to support your projects with the right talent at the right time and speed up your project completion with complete satisfaction.

Electrical Engineer

Power is a critical resource in any facility and it of at most important for the commercial places to function smoothly without any drawback. Having a professional Electrical engineer service provider is often the best place to start with if you wish to keep your commercial place working 24×7 and all-round the year. Right from electrical wiring to handling high voltage current equipment, it is the job of any Electrical engineer to keep all power related machinery running without any fault in the operation. Often an electrical engineer works in team with other engineers such as mechanical engineers to get the electrical wiring and electrical equipment working all the time. This team of engineer are often a part of a MEP team working on any facility management project. Keeping an electrical engineer is most critical to handle critical and heavy duty electrical machinery equipment running with timely maintenance and monitoring of the machinery.

Mechanical engineer

Any facility management cannot underestimate the use of mechanical machineries like the Air Conditioner, Air Coolers, any steel structures or maintenance machinery. The role that a mechanical engineer does is vast and wide spread that it is often treated as the most valuable resource to have in any facility management team. Being a part of the MEP engineering team is the most prestigious job, since they are responsible for the complete functioning of the facility under supervision. A mechanical engineer is a valuable asset for any facility management company, as they can work on a multiple project right from steel structure maintenance, lift and elevator maintenance, air cooling duct maintenance, refrigeration system overall and repairing and maintenance of any factory equipment that are production critical machinery. They also area a part of the MEP engineering team working 24×7 to keep all facility related machinery running all the time.

Civil engineer

Cement and mortar are the building blocks for any construction of a facility. But apart from this there is also steel structures that are on the factory work floor to keep the machinery protected from unwanted calamities. A civil engineer is often the right person to go to and keep them working or repair them to restore their working status. These engineers are a separate group within any facility management engineering team, working 24×7 to test and build best performing steel as well as cement structures. A typical civil engineer works on the maintenance of any cement structures like building walls, ceilings, stairways, and on public structures like bridges, highway roadways, freeways, flyovers. Additionally, civil engineer can also work as site engineer in the under construction and ongoing construction or re-work sites to keep civil construction projects progress towards completion. Being the heart of any new and re-new construction sites, a civil engineer is a best talent to have as part of a facility management team.

Plumbing engineer

A facility will always run meters of pipes which can be for water supply or gas supply or waste management that are important for smooth functioning of the facility services. Pipping maintenance is another important part in any facility management service, that needs frequent maintenance for checking any leaking or cracks in the pipes all around the facility. Also, pluming engineers are part of MEP professional who take a major a role in managing any facility and keep the piping in the building function round the clock within any stoppage.


A draftsman is a special kind of person who has the ability to work around with engineering drawings and also create drawings as per the wish of the civil engineer. They are supportive to the engineers in bringing the design drawing to the table with some good skills in drafting civil drawings. The draftsman has the capability to bring building ideas into life with excellent drafting skills using CAD software that are industry specific.


Electricians come under the category of skilled workers, working on the physical wiring and electrical connections in a facility. Also, electricians are skilled to work with high voltage components and can do installation of them with ease. Handling all electrical equipment related to high voltage components is a critical part of any household or a facility Maintaining all critical high voltage equipment is very much needed to keep the facility running 24×7 without any stoppage.


A plumber is a skilled worker capable of working on the pipe fitting and fixtures at industry level piping installations. They are a critical resource in the maintenance of pipe fixtures and can do excellent pipe fitting works at a large scale. Being a part of MEP engineers, plumber is a critical resource for any facility management team in keeping their facility pipping installs work perfectly and manage air cooling ducts or chemical pipping from accidental spill and prevent any accidental fire accidents in the facility.

HVAC Technician

A HVAC technician is an advanced plumber with the ability to work on air cooling ducts and refrigeration ducts at the enterprise level. Maintaining air cooling ducts that are kilo meters long in a large plant or cooling facility is a challenging task and needs a skill full HVAC technician to work on them. They typically check ducts leakage, vent blockages, air temperatures and check the refrigeration system component status on a regular basis. Without ha HVAC technician no air conditioned facility can function to the full potential.


As a supportive staff, helper can make work easier in helping any engineer or technician in carrying out daily tasks. Helper are next to skilled workers typically working in areas of welding, plumbing, carpentry, building steel structures, Reinforced concrete structures. A helper is a crucial human resource that cannot be underestimated, and they can do low level work at the construction site or on the factory floor.



Cleaners are crucial task force to keep the facility clean and shinning all the time. All the glass covered high rise buildings needs regular wash up to make it look shinny and clean. Cleaners are at the work of cleaning such high rise building. Also, cleaners can do cleaning of the facility wash rooms, and walkways inside and outside the facility premises. It is the job of a cleaner to keep the facility clean and tidy by regularly monitoring for waste disposal, dusting of the office floors, cleaning glass windows of high rise buildings.

Female cleaner

Female cleaners are supportive to the cleaners in any facility management service. Female cleaners are employed in indoor cleaning activities such as floor cleaning, dish washing, laundry cleaning, walkways, office cubicles and wash room. It is the duty of a female cleaner to maintain pantry available for use at all times by cleaning the food spills and other waste that are left in the pantry. Always stands as a helping hand to the cleaner team, maintaining and making people at work or at home comfortable with maid services.


Maid Services


Helpers are necessary for any facility management team and having them at right time is another important thing. Our professional sourcing teams can take of your maid requirements at right time in Dubai.

Office boy

Office boys are supportive staffs carrying out tasks in the office space to do daily facility operations in a smooth manner. Often they help facility or any office staff with copying of documents, moving things from table to table, arrange workplace for meetings check for facility management staffs. They can also work on serving the staff with food and beverages to keep the workforce feel fresh and recharged with otherwise boring routine. Office boy can do more than just waiting at office table and can be a valuable asset for any facility management team.





As part of the security team, watchman at the heart of making security a practice at your facility or at your home. They wait at the gates to do gate keeping and monitor the vehicles coming in and out of your facility. Security is often maintained at the practical level by the watchman, gate keeping at your facility can be a valuable and visual asset for your security team at your facility. Also, they can organize visitor vehicles at your facility on day-to-day basis.

Security guard

A step ahead of a watchman is a Security guard working in a facility to maintain the security of the workplace from any unwanted incidents. Standing a step above, a security guard can have access to all locations in a facility and can take a control of the area in case of any emergency. They are the first responders in keeping the work place and staffs safe from any unwanted incidents due to accidental fire or theft of valuable things or office hardware.

                                                                                       Man power supply of skilled workers

Skilled workers are in great demand when it comes to building a great team of facility management professionals to keep and maintain a facility or a factory place. Keeping a good work force, and dedicated workforce is often a great task and doing so needs a good source for getting a desirable workforce. Supply of skilled workers like the Engineer in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing works needs good knowledge on where to find and source such demanding and exceptional workforce. It takes lot of experience and exposure to a vast range of domain knowledge in searching and sourcing the skilled workers.


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